GCSE AQA (9-1) Geography for Great Results

The ultimate revision tool for GCSE AQA

Prepare your students for their exams throughout the course, and in a multitude of ways!

Exam-focussed revision pack with a huge variety of teaching approaches, covering every topic and providing opportunity for (and examples of) detailed geographical enquiry!

  • Every core and optional topic covered
  • Pull out a Springboard, Activity or Worksheet whenever you need it – to suit every part of a lesson (from starter, to plenary)
  • Can be used at every stage in the GCSE (from first teaching, to final revision sessions)

Part 1: Introduction to Exams:

  • Command Words / AOs / Level Marking / SPaG
  • Teacher class progress checklist
  • Student topic-by-topic RAG checklist

Part 2: Picture Springboards:

  • 38 Springboard Starter Images covering every topic
  • Open discussion questions
  • Written response questions
  • Plus! PowerPoint for class display

Part 3: Short and Mid-length Questions:

  • 97 Odd-One-Out Activities: Quick and easy – or are they?
  • 15 Exam Question Gap-fill Worksheets: each with a research grid activity
  • 4 and 6 mark Model Answers

Part 4: Long Answer Questions:

  • 4 Model essays with exam tips
  • Essay Structuring and writing group activity
  • Writing concisely activities for every topic
  • Peer marking sheet

Activities ramp in level and depth to enable all abilities to develop their exam skill and confidence – and help every student to get 'Great Results!'

What do teachers say about this resource? (10647)

It is an excellent resource, with lots of variety in tasks and scope to support students at a range of ability levels. It is very focused on examination technique, which is something that many other revision resources fail to focus on. I particularly like the fact that this can be photocopied in black and white and therefore is a very accessible resource to use for students. There is lots of flexibility in how the tasks can be set - as starter recaps, plenaries or homework or remote teaching resources. The gap fill tasks allow students to model great answers very quickly by focusing on key words rather than having to write at length. This is very useful to maintain pace and engagement with exam question practice, which can be quite dry. Layout is consistent and clear. Questions and command words match the AQA specification. It is well balanced in the coverage of all elements of the specification.

I used the previous version of Geography for Great Results and found it very useful. The additional resources within this are a great addition.

K Palfreyman, Senior Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

The resource covers the AQA Specification mandatory topics as well as the option topics. This gives the users the opportunity to choose whichever option is being covered. The resource is also laid out well such that the low tariff questions are presented first followed by the challenging ones are gradually introduced. This will be useful especially for the LA pupils because it will possibly build their confidence to address the challenging 6, 9 mark questions.

The resource has frameworks for answering the 9 mark questions which will be helpful for planning their work before writing out the answer in full. The activities that follow the gap fill task and their own knowledge looks like a good technique to encourage the pupils build their understanding through the knowledge acquired in the gap fill task.

This resource will help pupil enhance their understanding of concepts, processes. In addition it will develop their exam techniques.

Covers the specification and addresses all topics including the optional areas.

There are opportunities to develop further pupils understanding of concepts as well as the inter relationships between concepts and processes.

I would gladly purchase this resource because the range of tasks for revision provides an opportunity for both LA and HA pupils to develop their exam techniques. It also starts with tasks that will improve LA pupils’ confidence and develop their ability to answer the more challenging tasks.

A Adu-Boateng, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It’s a great revision tool, especially for the weeks before the exam. Fun odd one out activities and good practice for long answer questions.
A useful pack, with a wide range of resources in it. I liked the variety of resources. This seems sensible as there will be a revision idea for every student. I also like the instruction on exam rubric. This is essential as students do need continual reminders about how the exam is set out and what they need to do to achieve success. This would be great to dip into in revision classes with students or as a home resource for the student to practice particular questions. It is a great resource for enforcing key learning points and for helping students to see the final result that they are aiming for, i.e. an in-depth answer.

J Outram, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer

A useful content rich resource. It would support teachers who are new to teaching or are new to the GCSE specification. The model answers are excellent resources that allow students to understand what to include in answers. A generic mark scheme allows teachers to set their own questions in a language that students understand. A range of resources and activities that enable students to succeed at GCSE geography. I think this would lead to the students being able to revise effectively using these resources.
It enables students understand the requirement of each question band with example command word and a generic mark scheme.
- It has a range of activities that will help students to review and recap previous learning.
- It has resources that reduce the time teachers need to spend writing out example answers to questions.
- They produce well-researched case studies.

L Hinchliffe, Teacher of Geography & Peer Reviewer