Edexcel GCSE Computer Science (1CP2) - 'Technical Topics' PowerPoints & Worksheets

Animated PowerPoint presentations and follow-up worksheets designed to reinforce the mathematical and logical concepts of the Edexcel GCSE (1CP2) specification.

Fantastic for encouraging independent work. Students can use the slides provided and complete the worksheets at their own pace

R Walker, 2nd in Dept, Customer

An invaluable resource which enables all students to grasp the fundamentals of algorithms, programming, number bases and data representation.

  • 19 animated PowerPoints providing step-by-steps of important concepts. Perfect for teacher-led classroom learning (and great for visual learners!)
    Also provided in HTML5 (for web browsers/mobile devices)
  • Supporting worksheets test students’ understanding and application of concepts covered in the PowerPoints
  • Interactive practice for calculation/conversion topics
  • Use in class or for homework; to support teaching and revision.
  • Includes easy answers for self/peer or teacher marking.

Topic List

  1. Abstraction and Decomposition
  2. Designing Algorithms
  3. Programming Concepts
  4. Data Types
  5. String Manipulation
  6. Data Structures & File Handling
  7. Sub Programs
  8. Maintainability
  9. Trace Tables
  10. Evaluating Programs
  1. Validation & Authentication
  2. Truth Tables
  3. Sorting Algorithms
  4. Searching Algorithms
  5. Number Representation
  6. Binary Arithmetic
  7. Characters & Images
  8. Sound
  9. Data Storage Transfer