A Level Edexcel: Practice Exercises for the Set Works

Organised by musical element and cross-referenced to the Set Works – seamlessly slots into any scheme of work for effortless classroom teaching, homework and revision.

Focused revision of A Level musical elements applied to Edexcel’s Set Works

10 scaffolded exercises support students in revising and applying their knowledge of the set works to exam-style questions. For each exercise, there are:

  • 1. Warm-up tasks
    • Revise key musical terminology and practise aural skills
    • Focus on each command word to build exam skills
  • 2. Exam-style questions
    • 12–14 marks worth of essential exam-style questions prepare students for Section A, Questions 1–3, worth 40% of the appraising exam
    • Covers all Set Works for applied exam practice

What do teachers say about this resource? (10581)

The technical design of the resource is well thought out and the author has consolidated the key elements of set works music in the selected examples.

The author has a succinct style of writing.

The author has good knowledge of selected music set work examples.

The resource is a satisfactory learning document on how to listen to the set works moving from one element to the next with clear examples to demonstrate musical technique.

R Brown, Teacher & Peer Reviewer