Set Texts Companions for AS & A Level OCR Latin

Verse Literature 2022–2024

Original translation and detailed commentary – including notes on style, grammar and context, picking up where the set text notes end. Give it to students either as a complete companion, or as handouts to support your class teaching. The perfect complement to the set text!

A one-stop-shop with all the information that a student would need to achieve the top grades

S Thomson, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
AS and A Level
  • All styles of exam questions including AS 10-mark and 15- to 20-mark A Level essay questions
  • Detailed notes on metre and context for A Level students
  • Latin text provided alongside a precise but clear translation
  • Detailed line-by-line notes on grammar, translation, style and context
  • Activities and practice exam questions help students engage with and develop an in-depth appreciation of the text
  • Specifically designed to support students in areas identified for improvement in examiners' reports
  • Written by an experienced examiner
  • Glossary of linguistic terms
Teacher's Note

Teachers using Catullus Poems (POD 10408) should be aware that poems 6, 88, 89, and 91 (set by the examination board) contain explicit descriptions in the Latin and its English translation.

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What do teachers say about this resource? (10409)

Overall, an excellent resource: it is everything a teacher or student would need to study this optiondespite the fact that the Introduction for Teachers suggests this resource is designed to complement rather than replace the OCR edition, it seems to me to entirely supersede it. The grammar and translation notes give the right level of support to both guide students through the translation, and to reinforce language learning, which is particularly valuable for the Group 3/AS texts. The inclusion of practice questions is an excellent selling-point of the guide – the inclusion of two papers, of which the first can be used part-way through teaching the text, is extremely useful. Lastly, the appendix 2 is outstanding: what is especially useful is the references to line numbers; having an index of grammar topics as they occur in the set text is a god-send to those teaching the language side of the course – introducing new topics, or even better, revising, we will be able to start from parts of the set-text; two bits of revision at once! 

S Thomson, Head of Classics & Peer Reviewer

This resource covers all the necessary areas for the study of A level literature. The two exams are very helpful.

C Bird, Private tutor & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10408)

Generally very helpful indeed, with a very thorough introduction and appendices. I particularly liked the detailed introductory section on scansion, the examination style questions in appendix A, and the suggested order of poems if wanted to trace Catullus' affair with Lesbia. I also found many of the comments for different poems to be interesting and useful. Approaching the verse set texts is especially daunting given the more nuanced, specific poetic language and the often quite challenging syntax, but it breaking down so many different aspects of the verse paper (background on Catullus, the individual poems, wide range of poetic techniques), makes the whole experience seem much less scary. It is really helpful for learners to have a resource like this to refer to, both in class and at home, and really fills the gap in the market for comprehensive A Level Literature resources. The examination style questions are excellent.

O Durcan, Head of Classics & Peer Reviewer