Topic on a Page: Revision Posters for Un sac de billes

Designed for AQA and Edexcel

Creative A3 revision posters convey key information on the set work in a helpful and visually appealing way! Designed as an extension to our best-selling Getting to Know… range with easy-to-read summaries.

  • Focused core revision for the A Level Paper 2 writing exam divided into A3 pages
  • Based on the new specification requirements to promote comprehension and analysis
  • Presented in an accessible format for all students
Flexible! Students read through the revision notes and complete activities. Or, test their knowledge first and then self- or peer-mark. Perfect for revision in class, homeworks or as independent study.

Plus! Template for students to create their own poster to meet their final preparation needs.

Each topic has a revision and activity poster:

Revision + Activity
  1. The context
  2. The author
  3. The literary techniques
  4. The characters
  5. The themes
  6. The symbols
Bonus: Exam Focus
  1. Essay technique
    Students are guided with tips, a planning structure and a model essay to hone their writing skills. An activity version helps them practise their own essays.

Activities include: gap fills, translations, comprehension questions and more!

  • Display posters in the classroom as a reminder of core topics throughout the year!

What do teachers say about this resource? (10407)

I consider this a useful and supportive resource which should have considerable appeal for students embarking on in-depth revision of the text. The structure and layout make such study more appealing than would pages of print, and also render it appropriate for a broad ability range. I think the layout and presentation make it accessible. There is a wealth of key information presented and a helpful amount of background political detail to set the tale in its context and to assist students in understanding the significance of the events recounted. I think presentation and layout are particular strengths here, as indeed they need to be with material of this kind. The inclusion of maps, timelines, images and boxed textual information involve the visual aspect of memory in revision, which I think very appropriate. Useful too to provide a template for students to adapt to their own revision needs. I believe these materials would be an excellent tool for preparation for the literary essay writing task which many students find daunting, and this being so, it fits the spec requirements well. The inclusion of some specific literary terminology is also a good scaffold for students to transfer to their own work.

H Murphy, Senior Examiner & Peer Reviewer

The resource matches what AS and A LEVEL students need to know about the book in terms of history background, the author, the themes and the characters. Students could benefit from this resource as soon as they finish reading the book and also as a revision tool.

M Prandini, French Tutor & Peer Reviewer