Hamlet AS and A Level English Literature Activity Pack

Set text for:
  • AQA B AS & A Level
  • Edexcel A Level
  • OCR AS & A Level
  • Eduqas A Level

Hamlet is considered Shakespeare’s most successful and celebrated work for a reason. At the core of his famous soliloquies is a complex, thrilling and tragic play filled with grief, betrayal, love and family.

This Activity Pack explores the play’s key themes through engaging activities, stimulating discussion prompts and interesting ideas for further research and analysis.

Ready-to-use handouts cover the whole text, for you to mix and match to suit your class.

Activities include:

  • engaging questions
  • critical thinking
  • close reading
  • pair and group tasks
  • visual, audio and kinaesthetic tasks
  • further research

Accessible for every level and linked to the AOs!

Plus! Answers to all activities

Pre-reading exercises provide a starting point for study

Appealing chapter-by-chapter tasks guide students through the play, allowing them to gain understanding and analytical skills while remaining engaged

Whole-text activities show the bigger picture, exploring key areas of: Characterisation • Relationships • Genre • Themes • Attitudes and Values • Writer's use of language • Form • Structure • Context • Critical Reception