Exam Preparation Packs for A Level OCR Religious Studies

Fully understand what examiners are looking for with this guide focused on maximising performance in the A Level OCR exams. Bursting with exam-style questions, graded sample essays and constructive examiner commentary – ideal for classwork, homework or intensive revision sessions.

Great assessment for learning – students compare their answers with samples and commentary and see exactly where to improve!
  • Exam-style questions cover every topic of the 2016 A Level OCR spec, each with multiple sample answers at different levels
  • Well-informed commentary for every answer from an experienced teacher and examiner!
  • Plus! Student-friendly advice on structure, precision, conciseness and the AOs – builds confidence and effective exam technique

What do teachers say about this resource? (10969)

Excellent knowledge and really useful discussion of possible answers. I like the comparison of marked essays. I liked the clear analysis, the comparison of different essay examples and the excellent use of relevant examples and contemporary discussion. It would prove marvellously useful to students and teachers, and is academically rigorous.

J Kearey, Teacher of RS & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10710)

Fantastic. An excellent resource. Really helpful for students and teachers alike as it gives concrete examples of successful and unsuccessful essays for each topic and clear feedback on what the essay did well and where it might have lost marks. There is a good range of questions in each topic that cover the specification. This would definitely enhance learning by allowing students to identify the strengths of weaknesses of these essays. This is one the most important ways students can develop their own exam technique and improve their essay writing. Nothing compares to using exemplars to increase student understanding of what a good essay looks like and what they should be aiming to do. The top tips are excellent and would definitely support weaker students with their essay writing.

S Rann, Head of RE & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (10338)

Useful, relevant and timely. It is clear to read and well produced. It's photocopyability is a huge bonus. I liked its clarity and format. I think it matches the spec well and shows the differences between essay standards very clearly. It will be very useful to use with students when they have finished a topic and either have attempted an essay or are given an essay. The examples are also very useful in class discussion, to show pupils how they might obtain top grades and how a mediocre essay may be painlessly improved, relatively easily.

J Kearey, Teacher & Peer Reviewer