Getting to Know Packs for A Level AQA Media Two: In Depth Study

Fun and informal articles engage students and build in-depth knowledge of each set product in manageable chunks

Actively engage students with the Media 2 set products through a range of entertaining yet academic magazine-style articles. Explore different topics across the media frameworks and theories while getting to know each of the set products in depth.

A very useful resource for students to have a broader and more in depth understanding of the set products and their contexts

S Hearn, Teacher, Examiner & Peer Reviewer
Articles tailored to each close study product and the media frameworks, including:
  • Audience Targeting
  • Production Processes
  • Social and Cultural Context
  • Representations of Gender

Structure offers the perfect balance between guided classwork and independent study for a flipped classroom / seminar-style approach:

  • What should I know?
    Students are introduced to key background information to maximise understanding.
  • Getting to know…
    20 articles on a variety of topics – including niche aspects not covered by the textbook – build knowledge. Each article includes a variety of discussion tasks to engage and challenge students.
  • Show what you know!
    5–10 essay questions with indicative content prepare students for the exam.