Set Texts Companions for AS & A Level OCR Latin

Prose Literature 2022–2024

Original translation and detailed commentary – including notes on style, grammar and context, picking up where the set text notes end. Give it to students either as a complete companion, or as handouts to support your class teaching. The perfect complement to the set text!

The practice questions and mark schemes at the end are fantastic – one of the chief values of these guides!

S Thomson, HoD & Peer Reviewer
AS and A Level
  • All styles of exam questions including AS 10-mark and 15- to 20-mark A Level essay questions
  • Latin text provided alongside a precise but clear translation
  • Detailed line-by-line notes on grammar, translation, style and context
  • Activities and practice exam questions help students engage with and develop an in-depth appreciation of the text
  • Specifically designed to support students in areas identified for improvement in examiners' reports
  • Written by an experienced examiner
  • Glossary of linguistic terms

A valuable resource...
Perfectly catered for the OCR exam board

A Prescott, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Verse Literature 2022–2024 resources are also available.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10280)

Excellent resource, pitched at the right level for AS students, with informative background and style notes. The introduction to teachers is particularly useful, as it points out the differences between the prescribed text and the actual text. The grammar and style notes offer an interesting and full analysis of each chunk of the text. The various comments on notes in other textbooks are, I think, more aimed at teachers than students. The resource enhances learning by expanding on points that are not, or only briefly, covered in the OCR textbook. The points are written to be fully understood and enjoyed. Text is split into small chunks, making it seem less daunting. It matches and interprets the specification very well, and is a perfect and necessary adjunct to the textbook.

S Henton, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (11211)

The content is superb, and very concise without being too overwhelming. Author’s knowledge is clear. The sample questions are very useful. There are none available for this new specification and the fact it comes with a concise mark scheme and is composed by someone other than me - reassures the students! Grammar and translation notes on each section are full and useful.

D OLaoire, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

It is a well-written and valuable resource that is superior to the standard endorsed textbook. It provides a helpful literal translation that enables the student to fully engage with the Latin text. The grammar and translation notes explain well the particularities of Cicero's style of writing. The context notes ensure the student appreciates the plot. This resource is to my knowledge the only one of his kind, apart from the book by Bloomsbury, specifically intended to cover the Latin set texts. This material will surely serve as the main starting point for the study of this component.

S Tanner, Head of Classics & Peer Reviewer

This a well-researched and informative resource.

S Henton, Teacher, & Peer Reviewer