Differentiated Homeworks for GCSE OCR Component 1: Christianity

30 ready-to-use, easy-to-set, differentiated homework worksheets provide a progressive range of engaging tasks to consolidate in-class learning.

Take the thought out of homework setting!

  • 15 higher and 15 lower-ability worksheets for easy differentiation
  • A variety of stimulating tasks build and test knowledge while keeping students’ interest
  • Detailed answers for quick and easy self-, peer- or teacher-marking

  • All Christianity content covered – relevant homeworks for all areas of the course
  • Entirely self-contained write-on worksheets – no additional resources or teacher support required
  • Flexible – use after studying the relevant content in class, as cover lessons, or end-of- topic revision
Tasks include: give the term/definition, match-up, true/false, fact-files, label the image, multiple choice, short-form answers… leading to long-form critical and evaluative answers.

What do teachers say about this resource? (10217)

An extremely useful resource to enable learning at home. A lot of teachers would want something like this, as planning and marking homework can be a challenge that many face. This resource allows a teacher to set homework for this GCSE easily, as it is already differentiated. There is also a well thought out mark scheme to suit the questions included in the tasks. The lower ability tasks were suitable for students who need more support with key parts of the GCSE. The content of the homework matches up with the specification well, using key terms to define meanings before applying the key terms to passages from the Bible. I also liked the variation of tasks that was given in the sections.

L Murley, Teacher & Peer Reviewer