GCSE AQA Set Works on a Page

Make revision interesting! Unique, student-friendly A3 posters carefully designed to review all four study pieces and unfamiliar music topics. Covers key terms, musical features and contextual points, to ensure students engage with the music and absorb vital information.


  • 17 complete revision posters
  • 17 partially complete activity posters with focused and varied tasks
  • Provided in both A3 and A4 formats
  • Clearly structured to cover essential knowledge and features, and illustrated with key score excerpts – great for visual learners and classroom display!
  • Includes unfamiliar music posters for each Area of Study to broaden knowledge of key composers/artists and build appraising skills.
  • Stimulating activities including: melody/rhythm notation, multiple-choice questions, match-ups, fill in the blanks, and long-answer evaluative questions (with indicative content) – put revision into practice!