A Level Edexcel Wider Listening and Unfamiliar Music: Fusions

Analyses Edexcel’s Musical Elements:
  • Organisation of pitch
  • Tonality
  • Structure
  • Sonority
  • Texture
  • Tempo, metre and rhythm

Prepare students for Section B of the exam with these comprehensive guides.

  • Contextual information provided on all relevant periods sets the scene
  • Introductory vocabulary broken down by musical element gives students a foundation for study
  • Thorough analysis of the genre using Edexcel’s musical elements ensures all aspects are covered
  • Keywords are defined throughout, and a full glossary reinforce the essential terminology
  • Learning activities get students familiar with the music and teach analysis skills
  • Information about the exam shows students exactly what to expect
  • Concise revision summaries for each period and piece bring it all together
  • Exam-style questions give students the practice they need. Plus! Sample essays annotated by AO3 and AO4 show them how to gain marks!

Area of Study 5: Fusions

Explore the full depth and breadth of this diverse Area of Study. This inclusive guide elucidates international terms, genres and styles, with wide-ranging examples from gamelan ballet to new flamenco.

Features detailed analyses of representative fusion pieces organised by musical element:

  • Gloria Estefan – ‘Con los Años Que Me Quedan’
  • Paul Simon and Joseph Shabalala – ‘Homeless’
  • Benjamin Britten – Prelude to the Prince of the Pagodas
  • Paco de Lucía – ‘Antonia’
  • Ravi Shankar and Jean-Pierre Rampal – ‘Morning Love’

Plus! Includes a wealth of other international styles including Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Celtic, bhangra, habanera, samba, salsa and tango, for a wide-ranging understanding.