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Learn to Program in C++

C is one of the best-known and widest used languages for general application programming. It is a compiled, procedural language. Although it may appear complex to begin with, it provides a good introduction to programming and is a very powerful tool in itself. C and C++ (the object orientated superset of C) are widely used in industry for programming everything from drivers for mobile phones to full operating systems and large scale applications.

This resource has been designed for those who want to learn to program using C++. The level of this guide is approximately that required for Advanced Level Computing. This guide really has two aims: teaching pupils how to program and how to use C++. It does this by teaching the basics of programming using C, and then moves on to teach the object orientated nature of C++.

It is a self-learn pack for use by individuals or ICT teachers in the classroom. It is suggested that pupils work through each sheet and then apply what they have learnt where relevant. It is the practice, not the learning, which will help pupils in the long run! A certificate is included to photocopy for those students who satisfactorily complete all worksheets and to give some written evidence of achievement.

Once you've used this guide to teach C++, give your students practice using the Programming Tasks using C++ resource.