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Our huge range supports you and your pupils to build, apply and assess their knowledge.

  • Each resource is tailored to a specific specification, with skills and content "comprehensively covered
  • Resources are "accessible’ for all, with differentiation and scaffolding in mind to support your weaker students, while also giving your stronger students the chance to flourish
  • Every resource is put through significant peer review, rigorous quality and robust technical checks

Quality and accuracy are imperative in Science education, and that’s why our meticulous procedures are in place to guarantee these qualities while allowing focus to ensure resources can support teachers to inspire students.

Wide range of resources tackling some of the key challenges Science teachers and students face:

  • Practical Companions and Mastering Maths tailored to tackling specific skills
  • Learning Grids dedicated to building skills from the ground upwards
  • Practice Exams to prepare students to excel
  • Tricky Topics focus on the hardest aspects of any science

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‘Will save hours of planning time!’ N Perumal, Teacher & Peer Reviewer
‘Fantastic! There is no doubt that students will gain higher grades.’ P Simmons, Teacher & Peer Reviewer

Science builds critical thinking and problem-solving skills to give students the tools they need to understand the world around them and approach any situation.

My mission is to create resources to nurture a student’s learning while driving your teaching passion.

Frankie Andrews, Science Editor