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Looking for Maths resources that support student learning? How about invaluable study aids to help bolster your students’ knowledge of the subject? Explore our many exam-focused resources on offer, each one tailored to A-level or GCSE studies, and to the requirements of AQA, Edexcel, OCR and MEI.

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A Level (outgoing)


web/1898 Edexcel - Module on a Page Edexcel AS/A2 $52 +VAT
web/5499 Edexcel - Module on a Page Edexcel AS/A2 Volume 2 $79 +VAT
web/2842 Edexcel C1 Maths Presentation Pack $66 +VAT
web/3386 Edexcel C2 Maths Presentation Pack $66 +VAT
web/3389 Edexcel C3 Maths Presentation Pack $66 +VAT
web/3392 Edexcel C4 Maths Presentation Pack $66 +VAT
web/5498 Edexcel FP2 Maths Presentation Pack $66 +VAT
web/3395 Edexcel M1 Maths Presentation Pack $66 +VAT
web/4293 Edexcel M2 Maths Presentation Pack $66 +VAT
web/5496 Edexcel S1 Maths Presentation Pack $66 +VAT
web/5497 Edexcel S2 Maths Presentation Pack $66 +VAT
web/1165 Edexcel Student Revision Program C1 $39
web/1163 Edexcel Teacher's Definitive Guide to Teaching C1 $52
web/5503 Special offer: Edexcel C1-4, M1-2, S1-2, FP2 Presentation Packs $591 +VAT $401 +VAT
web/3971 Understanding A Level Using Autograph: Edexcel C1 and C2 $66