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A Level - CCEA (2016 specs)
Getting to Know
web/6327 Getting to Know... El Bola $116
web/7613 Getting to Know... La lengua de las mariposas (2nd Edition) $103
web/7786 Getting to Know... Requiem por un campesino espanol (2nd Edition) $116
web/6654 Getting to Know... Solas (Benito Zambrano) $103
web/8602 Getting to Know... Veinte poemas de amor y una canciĆ³n desesperada New Pre-order for Sep/Oct 2018 $103
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A Level - All Boards (2016 specs)
Grammar and Vocab
web/8139 Topic Based Grammar and Vocabulary Pack for AS/A Level Year 1 Spanish $90
Learning through Songs
web/8757 Learning through Songs for AS and A Level Spanish New Pre-order for Oct/Nov 2018 $77
web/7824 Narratives for A Level Spanish $44
Topical Articles
web/7560 Cultural and Topical Articles for AS Level Spanish (with English Translations) $83
web/6189 Topical Articles with Exercises for AS Spanish $70
web/8645 Topical Articles with Exercises for AS Spanish vol. 2 New Pre-order for Oct/Nov 2018 $70
web/6837 Topical Podcasts for AS Spanish $90 +VAT
Spanish Politics and History
web/9060 The Two Spains: 1936 onwards for A Level Spanish New To be confirmed $90