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Transform your students from linguaphobes into linguaphiles with practical, comprehensive and engaging teaching and learning resources from ZigZag Education. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar, translation, culture, revision, exam practice… we’ve got it covered!

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A Level - All Boards (2016 specifications)

Getting to Know

web/7209 Getting to Know... Boule de suif $105
web/8546 Getting to Know... L'Etranger (2nd Edition) New Pre-order for Jun/Jul 2018 $119
web/7844 Getting to Know... La Haine (2nd Edition) $92
web/8735 Getting to Know... Les Choristes (2nd Edition) New Pre-order for Oct/Nov 2018 $92
web/8010 Getting to Know... No et moi $105
web/6402 Getting to Know... Tartuffe $119
web/6872 Getting to Know... Un long dimanche de fiançailles $119
web/6478 Getting to Know... Un sac de billes $119
web/7038 Getting to Know... Un Secret $105

Learning through Songs

web/7778 Learning through Songs for AS and A Level French $79


web/6964 A Level French Narratives $45
web/7823 AS French Narratives $45


web/7656 Topic Based Grammar and Vocabulary Pack for AS/A Level Year 1 French $112


web/8544 Topical Articles with Exercises for A Level French New Pre-order for Sep/Oct 2018 $72
web/6112 Topical Articles with Exercises for AS French $72
web/8646 Topical Articles with Exercises for AS French vol.2 New Pre-order for Oct/Nov 2018 $72
web/6880 Topical Podcasts for A Level French $92 +VAT
web/6879 Topical Podcasts for AS French $92 +VAT