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ICT (Vocational)

Cambridge Nationals Level 1/2

web/4795 Activity Worksheets for R001 (Understanding Computer Systems) $96
web/4796 Activity Worksheets for R002 (Using ICT to Create Business Solutions) $96
web/5244 Activity Worksheets for R003 (Handling Data using Spreadsheets) $61
web/4922 Essential Skills: Access 2010 (for R002/R004) $82 +VAT
web/4854 Essential Skills: Excel 2010 (for R002/R003) $82 +VAT
web/4924 Essential Skills: Fireworks (for R006) $68 +VAT
web/4764 Learner Companion for R001 (Understanding Computer Systems) $96
web/4794 Learner Companion for R002 (Using ICT to Create Business Solutions) $96
web/4919 Learner Companion for R003 (Handling Data using Spreadsheets) $54
web/5136 Learner Companion for R004 (Handling Data using Databases) $68
web/4920 Learner Companion for R006 (Creating Digital Images) $54
web/4987 Learner Companion for R009 (Computer Hardware and Networks) $68
web/4851 Videos and Tasks for Excel 2010 (R002/R003) $110 +VAT
web/4852 Videos and Tasks for PowerPoint 2010 (R002/R003) $110 +VAT
web/4853 Videos and Tasks for Word 2010 (R002) $110 +VAT