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web/430 ASP by Example - Illustrated Web Based Library Database $39 +VAT
web/138 ASP Comprehensive Code Snippets $59 +VAT

C / C plus plus

web/67 C++ Tasks $45
web/75 Learn to Program using C $36
web/95 Learn to Program using C++ $49


web/5828 Exercises in Computational Thinking $80


web/5980 Client-Side Web Design for KS3/4 $174 +VAT


web/5553 Programming with Java $134 +VAT


web/7619 micro:bit Scheme of Work for KS3 $80 +VAT


web/2756 PHP and MySQL for A-Level Projects $120
web/4334 PHP on a Stick $228 +VAT


web/8733 HTML5 for KS3 New Pre-order for Oct/Nov 2018 $93
web/5688 Python Challenges for KS3/4 $80 +VAT
web/7700 Python Code Bank for KS4 $80 +VAT
web/7232 Python Exercises for KS4 $80
web/8039 Python for KS3 $86
web/5083 Python Programming Guide for KS4 (Py3) $107
web/5826 Raspberry Pi Project Pack $93


web/6382 Scratch Programming v1.4+ (Desktop) $107 +VAT
web/5979 Scratch Programming v2.0 (Cloud) $107 +VAT

Small Basic

web/7618 Introduction to Small Basic New Pre-order for May/Jun 2018 $93 +VAT

Visual Basic / .NET

web/4925 VB .NET Procedural Programming Exercises $93 +VAT
web/7701 VB.NET Code Bank for KS4 $80 +VAT