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Legacy GCSE (Y11)

Anthology ~ AQA

web/3841 AQA Prose Anthology Short Stories Resource Pack $71

Anthology ~ OCR

web/4755 Seamus Heaney Poem Commentaries with Activities $78
web/4590 Thomas Hardy Poem Commentaries with Activities + Audio $111

Drama: Literary Heritage

web/5685 Hamlet Study Guide for GCSE $104
web/5194 Macbeth Gifted and Talented Challenge Pack for GCSE $104
web/3603 Macbeth Study Guide $91
web/3605 Much Ado About Nothing Study Guide $91
web/4821 Twelfth Night Study Guide $91

Drama: Modern

web/5291 A Taste of Honey Study Guide for GCSE $91
web/3453 A View from the Bridge Activity Pack $61
web/3685 A View from the Bridge Study Guide $113
web/5692 An Inspector Calls Weaker Learner Support Pack $91
web/4754 An Inspector Calls: Activities and Worksheets to Challenge G&T Students $104
web/3996 Journey's End Activity Pack $84
web/3802 Journey's End Study Guide $74
web/3736 The Crucible Study Guide $78
web/3801 The History Boys Activity Pack $91
web/5696 The History Boys Gifted and Talented Pack $97


web/5533 GCSE English Key Terms Bundle: Dictionary and Worksheets $65
web/5607 GCSE English Language Support Pack (Endorsed) $84


web/5294 AQA Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams) $130
web/5313 Edexcel Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams) $104
web/5428 OCR Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams) $78

Prose: Different Cultures

web/5500 I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Study Guide $97
web/3602 Of Mice and Men Activity Pack $61
web/5191 Of Mice and Men Gifted and Talented Challenge Pack for GCSE $104
web/3563 Of Mice and Men Study Guide $104
web/5293 Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha Study Guide $84
web/5157 Purple Hibiscus Study Guide $84
web/4291 To Kill A Mockingbird Activity Pack $91
web/5606 To Kill A Mockingbird Study Guide (Endorsed) $104

Prose: Literary Heritage

web/3744 A Christmas Carol Study Guide $91
web/5413 Animal Farm Gifted and Talented Pack $111
web/5460 Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve Study Guide for GCSE $91
web/5527 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Gifted and Talented Pack for GCSE $104
web/3803 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Study Guide $71
web/5609 Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Weaker Learner Support Pack for GCSE $104
web/4031 Lord of the Flies Study Guide $71
web/5506 The Hound of the Baskervilles Activity Pack (endorsed) $97
web/5159 The Withered Arm and Other Wessex Tales Study Guide $91
web/5800 Wuthering Heights Activity Pack $104

Prose: Modern

web/4581 About a Boy GCSE Activity Pack $91
web/5678 About a Boy Gifted and Talented Pack $91
web/3805 About a Boy Study Guide $91
web/5347 About a Boy Weaker Learner Support Pack $65
web/4187 Heroes GCSE Activity Pack $84
web/3649 Heroes Study Guide $113
web/4316 Never Let Me Go Study Guide $97
web/5663 The Woman in Black Gifted and Talented Pack $91
web/3746 The Woman in Black Study Guide $65