Literature Texts - Poetry
web/4904 Alfred Lord Tennyson's Poetry: A Comprehensive Guide for A Level $103
web/3054 Carol Ann Duffy BOTH The World's Wife Resources for A Level English $129
web/2839 Carol Ann Duffy: The World's Wife Teaching Notes with Q's for A Level English $64
web/2814 Carol Ann Duffy: The World's Wife Worksheets & Tasks for A Level English $77
web/4827 Feminine Gospels by Carol Ann Duffy: Teaching Notes and Activities for A Level $116
web/3060 John Betjeman - The Best Loved Poems Workbook for A Level English $64
web/2816 John Donne BOTH Selected Poems Resources for A Level (Complete Teaching Pack) $116
web/2992 John Donne's Selected Poems: Lesson Plans and Worksheets for A Level English $64
web/2991 John Donne's Selected Poems: Teaching Notes for A Level English $64
web/3058 Lyrical Ballads Comprehensive Guide $103
web/3059 Lyrical Ballads: Introduction, Comprehensive Guide & Activities $167
web/5127 Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise Poem Commentaries for A Level $90
web/5004 Robert Frost Poetry Teacher Notes $44
web/4242 Sylvia Plath: Ariel Comprehensive Guide $77
web/718 The Canterbury Tales - The Miller's Tale for A Level English $47
web/3001 The Oxford Book of War Poetry: A Selection for A Level English $129
web/3338 The R*pe of the Lock for A Level $51
web/4339 Thomas Hardy's Poetry: Notes & Questions w/audio $90
web/2946 Up the Line to Death for A Level English $156
web/5195 W Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience A Level Mind Maps with Activities $68
web/4996 W Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience Study Guide for A Level w/audio $129
web/5005 Wilfred Owen Poetry SOW for A Level $77
web/5007 William Wordsworth Study Guide $51