Literature Specialised - written for AQA B Literature
web/2809 AQA B Lit: Antony and Cleopatra Scheme of Work $49
web/2995 AQA B Lit: Coleridge Teaching Pack - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner $86
web/2810 AQA B Lit: Death of a Salesman Scheme of Work $49
web/4908 AQA B Lit: DH Lawrence Selected Short Stories Study Pack for A Level $111
web/3332 AQA B Lit: Gothic Literature: Scheme of Work for A Level $80
web/4336 AQA B Lit: Keats' Poetry w/audio $86
web/4892 AQA B Lit: Teaching Comedy: Introductory Scheme for A Level $86
web/2952 AQA B Lit: Teaching Tragedy: Introductory Scheme for A Level $61
web/4338 AQA B Lit: Tennyson Notes and Worksheets w/audio $86
web/2811 AQA B Lit: The Bloody Chamber Scheme of Work $49
web/4828 AQA B Lit: WH Auden Poetry Notes and Worksheets [2nd Ed.] (from Sept 2012) $80