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web/5112 AQA A Lang: ENGA3 Language Variation and Change $111
web/2863 AQA A Lang: Representation Coursework Handbook $38
web/5012 AQA B: ENGB4 Investigation Project Coursework Activity Pack $105
web/3131 Getting Started with AS English Language: Special Companion for A Level $98
web/5097 Go! Talk: The Spoken Language Skills Toolkit $85
web/1114 Guide to Dialects of the British Isles $25
web/630 Guide to Language & Gender $25
web/4542 Language and Power with a special focus on Race, Racism and Genocide $52
web/5009 Language Methods Revision Booklet for AQA B $58
web/4963 Understanding Language: All 5 resource packs $325 $304
web/2494 Understanding Language: Categorising Texts (Cross-ref to AQA B Lang) $92
web/2440 Understanding Language: Child Language Acquisition (Cross-ref to AQA B Lang) $52
web/2823 Understanding Language: Creating Texts (Cross-ref to AQA B Lang) $38
web/2462 Understanding Language: Language Change (Cross-ref to AQA B Lang) $78
web/2495 Understanding Language: Language Investigation (Cross-ref to AQA B Lang) $65