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Contemporary Drama and Prose Fiction

web/5092 A Kestrel for a Knave Notes and Activities for KS3 $52
web/1605 Buddy Activity Pack $29
web/5129 Daz 4 Zoe Notes and Activities for KS3 $52
web/5403 Frankenstein the play by Philip Pullman: Activity Sheets $65
web/1602 Holes Activity Pack $36
web/3594 Holes APP Pack $65
web/7684 KS3 Alice in Wonderland Scheme of Work $85
web/1586 Millions Activity Pack $44
web/5189 My Name is Mina: Notes and Activities for KS3 $92
web/5161 Northern Lights Notes and Activities for KS3 $92
web/7688 Of Mice and Men Scheme of Work for KS3 $105 +VAT
web/5612 Our Day Out Activity Pack for KS3 $65
web/3810 Private Peaceful KS3 Activity Pack $52
web/979 Refugee Boy Study Guide $46
web/2933 Roald Dahl Short Story SoW $45
web/5015 Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry Notes and Activities for KS3 $52
web/2202 Skellig Activity Pack $42
web/1655 Stone Cold Activity Pack $29
web/3330 The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Activity Pack for KS3 $65
web/5670 The Chief's Daughter by Rosemary Sutcliff: Activities for KS3 English $72
web/1925 The Fire Eaters Activity Pack $44
web/5090 The Go-Between Notes and Activities for KS3 $58
web/5160 The Hobbit Notes and Activities $78
web/5292 The House of Silk Teacher's Notes and Student Worksheets $65
web/5173 The Hunger Games Notes and Activities $58
web/2744 The Whale Rider SoW $45
web/5128 To Kill a Mockingbird Notes and Activities for KS3 $72
web/5069 War Horse Scheme of Work $58
web/3860 Who is 'The Woman in Black'? Resource Pack for Year 8/9 $56
web/5390 Witch Child Notes and Activities for KS3 $78