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Engage your students with all that English has to offer with photocopiable teaching resources for English Literature, English Language, Lang & Lit and Creative Writing.

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GCSE Literature (exams from 2017)


web/1629 A Christmas Carol: Activity Pack for GCSE $105
web/8547 A Christmas Carol: Study Guide for GCSE New Pre-order for Jun/Jul 2018 $112
web/8198 Animal Farm: Activity Pack for GCSE: Endorsed $84
web/1630 Animal Farm: Study Guide for GCSE $70
web/8380 Animal Farm: Weaker Learner Support Pack for GCSE New Pre-order for Jun/Jul 2018 $98
web/7788 Anita and Me: Activity Pack for GCSE $84
web/7990 Anita and Me: Study Guide for GCSE $84
web/6438 Frankenstein: Activity Pack for GCSE $127
web/6483 Frankenstein: Study Guide for GCSE $70
web/1631 Great Expectations Activity Pack for GCSE $84
web/1764 Great Expectations: Study Guide for GCSE $127
web/7153 Jane Eyre: Activity Pack for GCSE $141
web/1766 Jane Eyre: Study Guide for GCSE $84
web/6553 Lord of the Flies: Activity Pack for GCSE $98
web/6904 Lord of the Flies: Study Guide for GCSE $98
web/6921 Pride and Prejudice: Activity Pack for GCSE $112
web/6910 Pride and Prejudice: Study Guide for GCSE $127
web/6795 Silas Marner: Activity Pack for GCSE $98
web/7058 Silas Marner: Study Guide for GCSE $98
web/6827 Telling Tales: Short Stories Anthology Activity Pack for GCSE AQA $98
web/1768 The Sign of Four: Activity Pack for GCSE $98
web/7777 The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: Activity Pack for GCSE $84
web/8456 The War of the Worlds: Activity Pack for GCSE New Pre-order for Jun/Jul 2018 $127
web/7959 The War of the Worlds: Study Guide for GCSE $84
web/7047 The Woman in Black: Activity Pack for GCSE $112
web/7447 The Woman in Black: Study Guide for GCSE New $98