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Poetry Recordings

GCSE & A Level

English: Poetry Recordings for English Literature
Alfred Tennyson • Christina Rossetti • John Donne • John Keats • Lyrical Ballads (4 poems) • Pre-1800 Pastoral Poetry Recordings • Robert Browning • S. T. Coleridge (Rime of the Ancient Mariner) • Scars Upon My Heart • The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales • The Oxford Book of War Poetry • Thomas Hardy • Up The Line to Death • Wilfred Owen

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English: AQA GCSE Exam Skills Guide
English: Lord of the Flies Interactive Guide
Music: Christmas Carols: Piano Arrangements
Music: Christmas Carols: Lyrics and Duet Parts
Science: Interactive Textbooks for AQA GCSE Physics, Chemistry and Biology
Maths: Edexcel GCSE Maths Higher Revision Guide

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Drama: Introducing Stanislavski: Practical Guide English: The Kite Runner: Reading Guide English: The Great Gatsby: Comprehensive Guide Languages: Topical Articles for Gifted and Talented French Students Politics: The 2012 Presidential Elections Politics: The UK Prime Minister and Cabinet Politics: The UK Judiciary Politics: The UK Constitution



Media Studies: Differentiated Online Revision Exercises
Geography: Differentiated Online Revision Exercises

GCSE & A Level

ICT: Differentiated Online Revision Exercises


French Listening Articles with vocab dictionary, transcripts and translations.