Topic 1: Personal Digital Devices

Comparing Devices

PresentationStorage Units Processor SpeedComparing Phones

Mobile Phones

Presentation FeaturesMultifunctional PhonesFeatures and Users

Personal Computers

PresentationComparing PCsPC ComponentsChoosing a PC

Digital Cameras

PresentationComparing CamerasChoosing a Camera


PresentationPVRsStorage MediaChoosing a Games Console

Navigation Aids

PresentationSatnavsGeocachingChoosing a Satnav

Topic 2: Connectivity


PresentationTypes of Network Network Security

Bandwidth and Latency

PresentationLatencyNetwork Performance


PresentationProtocolsEmail Protocols

Security Risks

PresentationSecurity RisksRemote Access

Topic 3: Operating Online

The Internet

PresentationDownload LimitsChoosing an ISP

Security Measures

PresentationSecurity MeasuresUsernames and Passwords

Personal Spaces

PresentationPersonal SpacesResponsible Use

Information Misuse

PresentationInformation MisusePhishing

Topic 4: Online Goods and Services

Online Shopping

PresentationWhy Shop Online?Impact on Lifestyles

Online Services

PresentationStreaming vs DownloadingOnline Entertainment

Transactional Data and Marketing

PresentationViral MarketingCollection Methods

Payment Systems

PresentationPayment MethodsNFC

Data Storage and Software

PresentationCloud ComputingApplications Software

Search Engines

PresentationValidityRefining Results

Topic 5: Online Communities

Types of Online Community

PresentationTypes of Online CommunitySocial Presence

Impact on Working Practices

PresentationImpact on Working PracticesInternet at Work

Responsible Use

PresentationImpact on SocialisingResponsible Behaviour

Topic 6: Issues

Security and Privacy Issues

PresentationPrivacy IssuesSecurity Issues

Health and Safety

PresentationHealth and SafetyWorking Environment


PresentationLegislationDigital Economy Act

Digital Divide

PresentationDigital DivideImpact of the Digital Divide