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A Level 2008 Legacy Specifications WJEC (2008 spec)
$41.83 web/3731 In-Depth Study & Film Companion for Bicycle Thieves: Italian Neorealism

A Level Eduqas Quick Film Guides
$47.06 web/9958 A Level Eduqas Film Studies Quick Film Guide: Blade Runner

GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Quick Film Guides
$57.51 web/9853 GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Film Studies Quick Film Guide: District 9
$44.44 web/9378 GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Film Studies Quick Film Guide: Rear Window
$64.05 web/9376 GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Film Studies Quick Film Guide: Skyfall

GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Teaching Packs
$96.73 web/10379 GCSE (9-1) Eduqas Introduction to Film Teaching Pack

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