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Music Teaching Resources

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Welcome to ZigZag Music!

Youíve come to the right place to browse, preview and order photocopiable teaching resources for Music. Whether you are teaching KS3, GCSE,
A Level, BTEC or IB, you should find what you are looking for on this page. Need a resource that isnít here? Get in touch using the form in the sidebar below.

Our resources cover a wide variety of genres and styles, including Instrumental and Vocal, Western Classical, Pop, Jazz, 20th Century, Traditional, World, and much more! From Mozart to Miles Davis, and Bach to The Beatles, we have everything you need to teach set works at any level. But thatís not all: our composition guides, revision resources, exam companions and teaching packs support you and your class throughout their studies. ZigZag Music resources are written by experienced teachers, examiners and Music experts who are passionate about their subject, and know how to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm to students.

To be alerted when new resources are available to preview, including our range for the new 2016 specifications, you can sign up using your email address below. We hope you will enjoy bringing ZigZag Music into your classroom!

Price includes site copy licence • All prices are VAT zero-rated unless stated otherwise • £3 P&P per order (in the UK) unless stated otherwise

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2016 specs: AS/A Level

web/6751A Level AQA Set Work Analysis: Romantic Piano Music (exams from 2018)£79Add to basket
web/6763AS/A Level AQA Set Work Analysis: Baroque Solo Concerto (exams from 2017/18)£84Add to basket

web/7207AS/A Level Edexcel Set Work Analysis: Instrumental Music (exams from 2017/18) Pre-order for Mar/Apr 2017 £84Add to basket
web/6752AS/A Level Edexcel Set Work Analysis: Music for Film (exams from 2017/18)£79Add to basket
web/7208AS/A Level Edexcel Set Work Analysis: New Directions (exams from 2017/18) Pre-order for Apr/May 2017 £89Add to basket

web/6510AS OCR Set Work Analysis: Bach Cantata No. 140 'Wachet Auf' (exams in 2017)£79Add to basket
web/7206AS OCR Set Work Analysis: Stravinsky Rite of Spring Part I (exams in 2017) £79Add to basket

2016 specs: GCSE

web/7064GCSE AQA Keyword Activities: Component 1 - Understanding Music (exams from 2018) £69+VATAdd to basket
web/7094GCSE AQA Set Work Analysis: Copland Rodeo (exams from 2018)£54Add to basket
web/6749GCSE AQA Set Work Analysis: Haydn 'Clock' Symphony (exams from 2018)£59Add to basket
web/7205GCSE AQA Set Work Analysis: Santana Supernatural (exams from 2018) Pre-order for Mar/Apr 2017 £54Add to basket
web/6750GCSE AQA Set Work Analysis: The Beatles Sgt. Pepper (exams from 2018)£54Add to basket

web/7065GCSE Edexcel Keyword Activities: Component 3 - Appraising (exams from 2018) £69+VATAdd to basket
web/6881GCSE Edexcel Set Work Analysis: Afro Celt Sound System (exams from 2018)£44Add to basket
web/6511GCSE Edexcel Set Work Analysis: Beethoven 'Pathetique' (exams from 2018)£54Add to basket

web/7067GCSE Eduqas Keyword Activities: Component 3 - Appraising (exams from 2018) £69+VATAdd to basket
web/7104GCSE Eduqas Set Extract Analysis: Mozart and Rainbow (exams from 2018)£59Add to basket

web/7066GCSE OCR Keyword Activities: Listening and Appraising (exams from 2018) £69+VATAdd to basket
web/7437GCSE OCR Student Guide to AoS2: The Concerto Through Time Pre-order for May/Jun 2017 £69Add to basket

A Level

web/4836British Popular Music 1960 to Present Day AS Student Guide£59Add to basket
web/5683Chamber Music from Mendelssohn to Debussy A2 AQA Student Guide£54Add to basket
web/4835Choral Music in the Baroque Period AS Student Guide£59Add to basket
web/4510Elgar's Symphony No.1 A2 Set Work Student Guide£59Add to basket
web/5274English Choral Music in the 20th Century A2 AQA Student Guide£89Add to basket
web/5513Four decades of Jazz and Blues 1910-1950 A2 AQA Student Guide£79Add to basket
web/5562Haydn's Symphony No.104 AQA AS Set Work Student Guide£79Add to basket
web/5959Listening Paper Companion for A2 AQA Music£59Add to basket
web/5913Listening Paper Companion for AS AQA Music£59Add to basket
web/5960Listening Paper Companions for both AS and A2 AQA Music£118£99Add to basket
web/3430Music Theatre AS Student Guide£44Add to basket
web/4709Shostakovich's Symphony No.5 A2 Set Work Student Guide£59Add to basket

web/65632017 A2 Applied Set Works - Definitive Guide for A Level Edexcel£109Add to basket
web/65622017 A2 Instrumental Set Works - Definitive Guide for A Level Edexcel£109Add to basket
web/65642017 AS Instrumental Set Works - Definitive Guide for A Level Edexcel£89Add to basket
web/65662017 AS Vocal Set Works - Definitive Guide for A Level Edexcel£89Add to basket
web/65682017 Definitive Guides to the A2 Edexcel Set Works (both resources)£218£175Add to basket
web/65672017 Definitive Guides to the AS and A2 Edexcel Set Works (all four resources)£396£299Add to basket
web/5809Chords and Lines Student Guide for AS Edexcel Music£69Add to basket
web/5977Student Guide to Composition for A Level Edexcel Music: Unit 5£59Add to basket

web/620418th and 19th Century Orchestra AS OCR Student Guide (exams 2016-18)£89Add to basket
web/5512Jazz 1920 to 1960 AS OCR Student Guide (exams 2016-18)£89Add to basket
web/5801Student Guide to A2 OCR Historical Topic 2: Programme Music£79Add to basket
web/5711Student Guide to A2 OCR Historical Topic 3: Music for Screen£79Add to basket
web/5916Student Guide to A2 OCR Historical Topic 5: Music for the Stage£99Add to basket
web/6003Student Guide to Accompanied Vocal Music 1900-1945 for A2 OCR Music£54Add to basket


web/4533Activity Pack for GCSE AQA Music Unit 1£50Add to basket
web/4532Course Companion for GCSE AQA Music Unit 1£99Add to basket
web/4525Differentiated Listening Homeworks for GCSE AQA Music£49Add to basket
web/5505GCSE AQA Music Keyword Activities£59Add to basket
web/5400GCSE AQA Music Unit 1: Course Companion, Activity Pack and Listening Homeworks£198£168Add to basket
web/5811Interactive Revision Posters for AQA GCSE Music£54Add to basket
web/5665Practice Papers for GCSE AQA Music Unit 1£59Add to basket
web/5677Student Guide to Composition for AQA GCSE Music Unit 4£89Add to basket
web/5915Student Guide to Composition for GCSE AQA Unit 2 - Popular Music (2015 Strand)£49Add to basket
web/6395Student Guide to Composition GCSE AQA Unit 2 - Western Classical (2017 Strand)£59Add to basket

web/5295Getting Started with GCSE Edexcel Music£89Add to basket
web/4290Set Work Analysis and Activities: All 12 GCSE Edexcel £415£353Add to basket
web/3787Set Work Analysis and Activities: All Blues by Miles Davis£39Add to basket
web/3505Set Work Analysis and Activities: And the Glory of the Lord£34Add to basket
web/3734Set Work Analysis and Activities: Chopin's Prelude No. 15£34Add to basket
web/4184Set Work Analysis and Activities: Electric Counterpoint 3rd Movement£39Add to basket
web/3893Set Work Analysis and Activities: Grace by Jeff Buckley£29Add to basket
web/3544Set Work Analysis and Activities: Mozart's Symphony No. 40 1st Movement£29Add to basket
web/4070Set Work Analysis and Activities: Peripetie by Shoenberg£39Add to basket
web/3431Set Work Analysis and Activities: Rag Desh£39Add to basket
web/3506Set Work Analysis and Activities: Skye Waulking Song£36Add to basket
web/4219Set Work Analysis and Activities: Something's Coming£34Add to basket
web/3917Set Work Analysis and Activities: Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad by Moby£34Add to basket
web/3206Set Work Analysis and Activities: Yiri by Koko£29Add to basket
web/5810Set Work on a Page for GCSE Edexcel Music£59Add to basket
web/5914Student Guide to Composition for Edexcel GCSE: Music in the 20th Century£69Add to basket
web/6256Student Guide to Composition for Edexcel GCSE: Western Classical Music 1600-1899£69Add to basket

IB Diploma

Standard and Higher Level
web/5579Set Work Revision Booklet for IB Diploma Music - exams in 2015 and 2016£39Add to basket
web/6212Set Work Study Guide for IB Diploma Music (exams from 2017) - American Edn£59Add to basket
web/6206Set Work Study Guide for IB Diploma Music (exams from 2017) - British Edn£59Add to basket


web/203894 Assessments for Learning + 13 Live-Authored Lessons£49+VATAdd to basket
web/6437Cover Lessons for Year 7 Music£39Add to basket
web/2774KS3 Music Complete Scheme of Work for 2008 Curriculum£129+VATAdd to basket
web/2483KS3 PowerPoint Lessons 2nd edition£29+VATAdd to basket
web/6205Musicals Scheme of Work for KS3£44Add to basket
web/6338Songwriting Scheme of Work for KS3£34Add to basket
web/6873Starters and Plenaries for Year 9 Music£69Add to basket

Performing Arts BTEC First

Music Performance Pathway
web/4876Complete Teaching Programme for Unit 1: Individual Showcase£79Add to basket
web/4877Complete Teaching Programme for Unit 2: Preparation, Performance & Production£79Add to basket
web/4878Complete Teaching Programme for Unit 6: Music Performance Skills£99Add to basket
web/4884Complete Teaching Programme for Units 1, 2 & 6 (Music Performance) with Word+PDF£257Add to basket

Sheet Music

web/1778Carols, Piano Solos & Seasonal Songs for Christmas: Complete Edition£129Add to basket
web/5581Carols, Piano Solos & Seasonal Songs for Christmas: Volume 1£49Add to basket
web/5582Carols, Piano Solos & Seasonal Songs for Christmas: Volume 2£49Add to basket
web/5583Carols, Piano Solos & Seasonal Songs for Christmas: Volume 3£49Add to basket


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