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Drama & Theatre Studies Teaching Resources

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Welcome to ZigZag Drama!

Here you can browse, preview and order photocopiable teaching resources for Drama and Performing Arts. Whether you are teaching KS3, GCSE,
A Level or BTEC you should find what you are looking for on this page. Need a resource that isnít here? Get in touch using the form in the sidebar below.

Shine a spotlight on key practitioners, place devised performance centre stage, raise the curtain on live theatre evaluation and get behind the scenes on the exam. Written by teachers, examiners and Drama experts who are keen to share their knowledge, the full range of Drama resources will take your students from the green room to standing ovation.

Act now! To be alerted when new resources are available to preview, including completely new ranges for the 2016 specifications, you can sign up using your email address below. We hope you enjoy using ZigZag Drama resources!

Price includes site copy licence • All prices are VAT zero-rated unless stated otherwise • £3 P&P per order (in the UK) unless stated otherwise

Electronic Copies are available for most products (on CD-ROM) (these options will become available at checkout)

GO PDF add 30% +VAT to also get resources in PDF for easy sharing on your network/VLE
GO EDITABLE add 50% +VAT to also get resources in Word + PDF for easy printing and editing

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A Level (2016 specifications)

A Level Edexcel
web/7482Brecht: A Complete Guide for AS & A Level Edexcel Pre-order for May/Jun 2017 £54Add to basket
web/7316Punchdrunk: A Complete Guide for AS & A Level Edexcel Pre-order for Mar/Apr 2017 £54Add to basket

All specifications
web/7626Doctor Faustus: A Complete Text Guide for AS & A Level Pre-order now (date TBC) £74Add to basket
web/7475Hedda Gabler: A Complete Text Guide for AS & A Level Pre-order for Apr/May 2017 £69Add to basket
web/7135Machinal: A Complete Text Guide for AS & A Level£69Add to basket
web/5375Verbatim Theatre of Empowerment: 3 Original Plays£39Add to basket

A Level (legacy specifications)

All Specifications
web/5409Brecht: A Level Drama Topic on a Page£39Add to basket
web/5666Our Country's Good: Complete Text Guide£79Add to basket
web/3211Practitioners: An Introductory Guide to Stanislavski£49Add to basket

web/5348A Doll's House Guide for AQA£54Add to basket
web/6905A View From the Bridge: Scheme of Work for A Level AQA Unit 3£39Add to basket
web/5394Antigone Guide for AQA£54Add to basket
web/6687The Seagull: Scheme of Work for A Level AQA Unit 3£49Add to basket
web/5910The Shadow of a Gunman Guide for AQA£39Add to basket

BTEC First Performing Arts

Acting Pathway
web/5838Acting Skills: Complete Teaching Programme (Units 1, 2 & 3)£247£199Add to basket
web/5694Acting Skills: Unit 1 Individual Showcase Teaching Companion (Endorsed)£79Add to basket
web/6294Acting Skills: Unit 2 Teaching Companion (Endorsed)£79Add to basket
web/6295Acting Skills: Unit 3 Teaching Companion (Endorsed)£89Add to basket

GCSE (2016 specifications)

All specifications
web/7315Blood Brothers: Springboard Scheme of Work for GCSE Drama Pre-order for Mar/Apr 2017 £34Add to basket
web/7112DNA: Springboard Scheme of Work for GCSE Drama£39Add to basket
web/7133Structured Cover Lessons for GCSE Drama£59Add to basket
web/7473The Crucible: Springboard Scheme of Work for GCSE Drama Pre-order for Apr/May 2017 £39Add to basket
web/7167Themed Starters and Plenaries for GCSE Drama£79Add to basket

web/7471Text-Based Performance Activity Pack for GCSE Edexcel Drama £59Add to basket

Original Scripts (all specs)
web/7625Dreams of a Mad Genius: An Original Play for KS3 and GCSE Pre-order now (date TBC) £39Add to basket

GCSE (legacy specifications)

All Specifications
web/1326Chunnel of Love - Play and SoW£39Add to basket
web/404Citizen Scripts for KS4£39Add to basket
web/5075Greek Myths: Three Short Plays for KS4£39Add to basket
web/1675In The Cold Light of Day - Play and SoW£49Add to basket
web/5089Juleo and Romiet: Comedy Play for KS4£39Add to basket
web/5126Macbarova: Comedy Play for KS4£39Add to basket
web/5193Mod Cons: an original play for KS4£29Add to basket
web/4909Nadia: The Silent Girl: An Original Play for KS4£29Add to basket
web/4602SOS Drama Cards: Developing Independence in Drama£39+VATAdd to basket
web/6643Tales Out of School: Three Original Short Plays for GCSE Drama£59Add to basket

web/3230'Immortal' An Original Play with Teaching Notes for GCSE Drama£44Add to basket
web/5214Live Theatre Scheme of Work: GCSE AQA Unit 1 Section C£33Add to basket

web/3715How to get an A* for Edexcel GCSE Drama£69Add to basket
web/3325Student Companion & Teacher's Toolkit for Edexcel GCSE£54Add to basket


Drama & Dance
web/1673Jacqueline Hyde Drama/Dance Resource KS3£19Add to basket

web/2901Cover Lessons for KS3 Drama£32Add to basket
web/1072Drama Handbook of Instant Lessons KS3£39Add to basket
web/6515Essential Skills in Drama: KS3 Scheme of Work£44Add to basket
web/5904KS3 Drama Starters and Plenaries£69Add to basket
web/2418Never Wear the Same Socks Twice£24Add to basket
web/117Playwright Activity Pack for KS3/4£13Add to basket
web/5314Spy School: An Introduction to Stanislavski's Method Acting£29Add to basket
web/3232The Big Activity Book for Drama£44Add to basket
web/3231The Complete Puppetry Handbook£39Add to basket

web/5349Best Daze of Your Life: An Original Play for KS3£39Add to basket
web/1714Brief Lives - 4 Plays£39Add to basket
web/403Citizen Scripts for KS3£29Add to basket
web/2118Drama Scripts for KS3£39Add to basket
web/2100Power Plays - English Civil War & Miners' Strike of 1984-85£49Add to basket
web/438Ten Short & Comic Scripts for KS3/4£36Add to basket


web/1887Performing Rights Licence (Single Performance)£15+VATAdd to basket
web/4948Performing Rights Licence (Unlimited Annual Licence)£50+VATAdd to basket


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