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VB.NET Programming for AQA Computing (Windows)
194 pages in 2 A4 photocopiable packs. Support files on CD-ROM. For 2005/2008EE.
Available for immediate dispatch
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VB.NET Programming for AQA Computing (Windows) + Introduction to Console
280 pages in 3 A4 photocopiable packs. Support files on CD-ROM. For 2005/2008EE.
Available for immediate dispatch
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VB.NET Programming for AQA Computing: Introduction to Console
86 photocopiable A4 pages with support files on CD
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Visual Basic Programming Programming Guides for AQA Computing

Comprehensive programming guide divided into 10 topics giving students a structured learning path. Specifically written for the AQA Computing specification for VB 2005/2008EE. Covers all practical programming aspects, with practice activities throughout.

  • Detailed notes will provide the perfect companion to your teaching
  • Fully illustrated with screenshots - The diagrams are clear and enlightening" C Surawy, Independent reviewer
  • Questions & activities throughout provide active learning, ensuring your students have grasped the key points - all answers provided!
  • 'What You Should Already Know' sections recap previous learning and summary checklists for each topic allowing students to check their progress

Applies Visual Basic to real-life situations... Uses step-by-step instructions with great visuals that explain the practical techniques you need to create Visual Basic applications, finished projects, making it very easy to understand... It takes students from inspection, to completion of tasks which then can be applied for projects.

B Necat, Computing Lecturer & Independent Reviewer

What an outstanding resource... Excellent coverage of the new AQA syllabus, which is clearly mapped. Questions are used throughout and should get students thinking about what they are doing rather than simply entering code...A huge amount of work has gone in to ensure it is relevant, interesting and progressive.

P Nolan, Computing Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3720)
"This is a well written resource which covers many of the fundamentals of programming in an easy to read way... I like the large number of practical exercices and the coverage of underlying principles." — R Jolliff, 2nd in Department for ICT & Independent Reviewer
"Very good indeed. Covers the new AQA AS syllabus, and it is very clearly mapped to it at the start of each chapter. The layout is very clear indeed. Very good use of questions throughout aimed at getting the pupils to think about what is needed. The code provided works well, and really brings the resource to life. An ideal resource - an electronic version for placing on schools' VLEs will make this an invaluable resource... I liked it all. Neither patronising, nor too complex - very difficult to get the balance right here - but this resource has struck the balance nicely. Would appeal to the A Graders as well as the strugglers. Layout is immaculate... Really good use is made of questions. For teachers, the intro and linking to the spec is vital. For the students, the progression is strong as it starts of eaily enough - but then some of the tasks become challenging. I like it... Matches the specification very, very closely. And the mapping is explicit at the start of each chapter." — P Nolan, Computing Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"well structured and very well planned out. The way the book was laid out is superb for first time programmers. It explains everything in plain english and step-by-step." — G Huxtable, Computing Teacher & Independent Reviewer

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