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AS/A Level Edexcel Set Work Analysis: Instrumental Music (exams from 2017/18)
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AS/A Level Edexcel Set Work Analysis: Music for Film (exams from 2017/18)
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AS/A Level Edexcel Set Work Analysis: New Directions (exams from 2017/18)
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A Level Edexcel Music Set Work Analysis

Students will build familiarity, develop analytical skills and be perfectly prepared for the appraising paper with co-teachable set work analysis resources for AS and A Level. With so many pieces to study, busy teachers and students will find the comprehensive, student-friendly notes and tailored exam practice invaluable.


  • Accessible bar-by-bar commentary for all prescribed sections with just the right amount of detail, enhanced by musical quotations and key term definitions
  • Regular, engaging activities to maintain focus and encourage students to discover the music for themselves

Exam Practice

  • Ensure students are exam-ready with Edexcel-style short-answer questions, melodic transcription practice, and essay questions
  • Marking made simple with full mark schemes!

...and more!

  • Develop contextual understanding with background information on genre, historical context, and composers & performers
  • Revision summaries and guidance on comparing music
  • Comprehensive glossary focuses students on key terminology

Music for Film (co-teachable) Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho (A Level only); Danny Elfman’s Batman Returns; Rachel Portman’s The Duchess
  • Connects aural and visual elements to engage students with the plot and the music
  • The Duchess analysis informed and checked by the composer, Rachel Portman
  • Sample essays with commentary give a model for student responses

Instrumental Music (co-teachable) Berlioz’s Symphonie Fantastique (A Level only); Vivaldi’s Concerto in D minor; Clara Wieck-Schumann’s Piano Trio in G minor
  • Sample essays with commentary give a model for student responses

New Directions (co-teachable) Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring; Cage’s Three Dances for Two Prepared Pianos; Kaija Saariaho’s Petals for Violoncello and Live Electronics
  • Supports student understanding of unfamiliar technical terminology

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7207)
"An excellent resource... All three works are covered comprehensively in terms of background and analysis. Analysis is extremely thorough, with a wealth of information about all elements. Useful comparisons of the three pieces. Exam practice content is thorough and I particularly like seeing examples of marked essay questions. Lots of useful examples for aural practice and some excellent ideas for how students can overlap this work with performance and composition elements. The resource fits the specification extremely well." T Murphy, Music Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6752)
"It would be an invaluable resource for someone teaching the new A level because of the lack of other resources available and the sheer breadth which is very important now. As well as a general introduction to film music, the analyses of the three films are excellent" – B Dowsett, Music Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"Extremely thorough analysis of each work... Nothing will give students more help in preparing these pieces." N Byrne, Head of Music and ZigZag Customer
"A very comprehensive and thoroughly researched document. Lots of information for the teacher to display and yet valuable opportunities for students to employ their independent learning skills. Good links to wider listening." E Ragg, HoD and Indpendent Reviewer
"An impressive work which demonstrates excellent knowledge, a wealth of appropriate vocabulary and significant relevant content to support students in appreciating, understanding and analysing the set works for this Area of Study. The quality of writing is excellent... There is a significant amount of relevant and accurate analytical detail on each cue within the 3 films. Excellent knowledge and information on stylistic features of composers and compositions." L Williams, Music Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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