GCSE OCR Latin Set Texts Guides: Prose and Verse Literature from 2016 (ZigZag Education)

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Student Guide to Latin OCR GCSE Prose A Set Texts 2018-19 Pliny, Tacitus, Cicero
Family Life and Relationships: A close knit family (Pliny letters 3.16.3-7); An ideal daughter (Pliny letters 5.16.1-8); Education within the family, lines 1–12 (Tacitus Dialogues 28.2-6); Bitter hatred (Cicero Pro Milone 34-35). Supporting Oxford Latin Anthology (OUP) ISBN 978-0198329329
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Student Guide to Latin OCR GCSE Prose B Set Texts 2018-19: Druides
46 photocopiable A4 pages. Caesar: Power of the Druids, their education, their religion; Tacitus: Druids’ last stand, Boudica’s rebellion. Supporting Cambridge Latin Anthology (CUP) ISBN 9780521578776.
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Student Guide to Latin OCR GCSE Verse A Set Texts 2018-19: Ovid, Horace, Martial
54 photocopiable A4 pages. vita rustica et vita urbana: The sights, sounds and seasons of the countryside (Ovid); A country spring (Horace); The town mouse and the country mouse (Horace). de cultu deorum et vita hominum: Recipe for happiness (Martial); Spring and thoughts of mortality (Horace). Supporting Cambridge Latin Anthology (CUP) ISBN 9780521578776
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Student Guide to Latin OCR GCSE Verse B Set Texts 2018-19 Aeneid books IV and VI
Supporting Oxford Classical Text: Virgil, Aeneid, 4.279–319, 331–361, 381–396 and 6.450–476
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GCSE OCR Latin Set Texts Guides: Prose and Verse Literature from 2016

Translations and textual analysis of both Prose and Verse set texts for the GCSE exams from 2018 onwards. Each text is broken down into manageable chunks, translated into English and accompanied by meaningful notes on style, grammar and literary effects. Additionally, for each text: a brief biography of the author, cast list showing key relationships and ideas for further study.

  • Aided translation activity – suggested word order, additional vocabulary and comprehension questions all support students in making sense of the Latin
  • Widely spaced Latin text next to clear translation – perfect balance between literal, easy-to-follow translations & an eloquent rendering of the text
  • Detailed student-friendly notes deepen their appreciation of the text
  • Overview and biographical notes put the work in context
  • Key technical vocab highlighted – glossaries included
  • Practice Exam Questions with mark schemes – fully prepare your students for the exams!

Praise for previous editions:

The resource teaches pupils that translating ancient texts is within their scope. R Millar, Head of Latin & Independent Reviewer
Absolutely outstanding... This is going to save me so much work! E Williams, Head of Latin & Independent Reviewer
More feedback from Latin teachers on previous editions
'Easy to access, useful information... Puts it into English they can understand and it has exam practice examples... Have a look – compare it to what you are currently using.' – G Lynch, Head of Classics & Customer
'Amusing, engaging and very helpful...The students can use it to work independently at their own pace. They also have the chance to place the texts in social/political/literary context... They feel confident about their own progress and secure in the knowledge that all aspects are covered.' – CM Roxby, Head of Classics and Happy Customer
'Very easy to read, with a style that should appeal to pupils. There was lots of detail, but not so much that pupils would just bypass the information and get straight to learning the translation. It had a good mix of background facts and literary criticism... Of special note was the explanation of literary terms... I really enjoyed the easy flowing translation. The translators' names were fun, as were the illustrations! The resource teaches pupils that translating ancient texts is within their scope... It also presents the texts as entertaining and still relevant... There was a mix of short factual questions and literary appreciation questions.' – R Millar, Head of Latin & Independent Reviewer
'A really helpful resource... I liked the layout of the translation and the notes. This will save me having to produce this for myself. It's useful for the students to have a printed copy of a translation to refer to and some questions to practice. Perfect fit to A403.' – L Cashmore, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer
'Excellent! I particularly like this resource because I am a non-specialist and the translation and notes give me confidence in my own interpretation... notes on style and exam questions are great time savers... the translations are accessible without sacrificing too much accuracy... They save you hours of prep time.' – S Boor, private order customer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6820)
'Easy to use and very helpful as a teacher. I felt it provided me with useful material, especially as a background to the text. I also enjoyed it, which speaks volumes! The notes gave enough detail without overwhelming the student.The author warms to his subject and I think the student will find this inspirational... I like the feeling of the text’s accessibility which the author gives to the student. The conversational style of the notes helps the students to realise that these ancient writings have something to say which will strike a chord with them. This helps to create a positive approach to the text rather than an attitude of drudgery! I liked: the timeline; the ability to convey the pathos in the text, particularly in The Ideal Daughter text; the summary of incidences of chiasmus, asyndeton etc. in the Glossary of Terms; the rigorous attention to the literary detail of the text and the requirements of the exam; the comparison of ancient attitudes with modern day responses e.g. Arria would have been taken into care by social services!'– R Millar, Head of Latin & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6595)
"Provides a useful commentary on the texts... focused on the requirements of the new specification. The translation aid will enable pupils to tackle independent translation tasks more confidently. Questions at the end of each section will encourage discussion [and] practice examination style questions are always useful. The background notes meet the new specification's demands well. Comments should certainly engage the pupils' interest." - M Cooper, Latin Teacher and Independent Reviewer
Component J282/03, Prose Literature, prescribed texts, Component J282/04, Verse Literature

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