Outdoor Adventurous Activities (without going off-site) (ZigZag Education)

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Outdoor Adventurous Activities (without going off-site)
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Outdoor Adventurous Activities (without going off-site)

22 physical and intellectual challenges developing a range of key transferable and life-based skills without the need to go offsite. Carefully constructed pair, small-group and whole-class activities get students planning, leading, debating, cooperating and analysing performance. Great for use as full lesson activities or as warm-ups/icebreakers.

Every activity includes:

  • Clear defined aims – demonstrating the skills being developed during each challenge
  • Step-by-step instructions and key rules – focused towards student-led learning!
  • ‘Make it Harder’ differentiation opportunities
  • Thoughtful questions and discussions – elicit wider application of key skills across other subjects and beyond school life

Covers key aspects of the National Curriculum Programme of Study, including ‘the use of a range of tactics and strategies’, ‘improving and analysing performance’ and ‘taking part in outdoor adventurous activities’.

  • Includes teacher’s overview – highlighting support, preparation, skills developed and health and safety considerations for each activity

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6297)
'A very good idea, which allows for this area of study to be delivered without the need for leaving site. Format is pretty good on the whole and fairly easy to pick out information.' - I Poley, PE Teacher & Independent Reviewer.
"From my experience, many PE teachers lack the knowledge and confidence to fully implement a good OAA programme into their curriculum due to lack of experience or good training. This resource therefore gives teachers different ideas for their lessons." M. Hammonds. PE teacher and Independend Reviewer.
"Good use of key learning skills, could imagine using with my sixth form students who are involved in lesson support/ using for G&T learners to develop skills or as a guided discovery based lesson." - R. Devlin, Director of Learning PE & Ind. Reviewer.
OAA, Outdoor Education, Communication, Teamwork, Trust, Memory, Coordination, Listening, Awareness, Support, Time management, Plan

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