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AQA A2 Unit LAW03: Criminal Law: Case Study Support Pack
107 A4 photocopiable pages with support files on CD-ROM. Includes 141 Cases.
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AQA A2 Unit LAW04: Criminal Law: Case Study Support Pack
77 photocopiable A4 pages, including 134 Cases. CD with flash cards.
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AQA A2 Law Case Study Support Packs

A ready made reference list and a great collection of activities to help your weaker students get to grips with those key criminal cases for A2 AQA Criminal Law.

Each of the cases is summarised succinctly with details, outcomes & significance, all cross-referenced to the LAW03 and LAW04 topics. Supported by a variety of creative activities to engage your students – perfect for revision or to test case knowledge on a topic-by-topic basis.

Activities include:
  1. Match-up activity to support weaker learners – students match each case to its significance
  2. ‘Learning grid’ style activities for each topic, where students fill in the outcome & significance of each case and check their answers against the completed grid
  3. Flash Cards provided on CD-ROM – ideal for revision games

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6143)
I thought that this was an excellent resource. There was a lot of theory and condensed notes which is ideal for self-study and revision. – J Whatford, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
I thought that the grid of cases is an easy and very effective way for students to remember facts and more importantly, the significance of the case.... The resource also allows students to sift through info quickly, which could save valuable time when extra cases that are not necessarily cited in the recommended text book. - S Ansah, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
This resource would be very useful - students are often overwhelmed by cases. this sorts them into categories/topics well. This enables teachers to pick and choose relevant cases and enables students to learn them. It also includes up to date cases that textbooks do not have (e.g. Intoxication and Loss of Control). - J Conway, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
Clear, concise and useful. The structure is very clear which is useful, it is very valuable to have a brief outline of the significance, often this is all the students need to know for an exam. - E Skinner Head of Department and Independent Reviewer
This resource would be helpful for revision and as there are so many criminal cases to remember for LAW03. It would particularly support weaker students who can’t recall the principles of cases easily. - R Elias-Jones, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6311)
The resource is overall very useful and appropriate to the needs of A2 students who struggle with learning cases, although these are vital for them to bring into their answers and achieve the highest marks in a question. The completed Case Study Grids could be used in a unit revision pack. A very useful and well-organised practical resource for students and teachers and one which is certainly needed. - P Emerton, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
This resources is good as it covers a lot of cases and can be adapted to different teachers who use different cases. -M Ahmed, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
I really liked the case cards support pack... The cards provide students with a resource that they can create themselves but also use multiple times, whilst at home and in school. The ability to project the names of the cards is also very useful. Matches the specification very well - all relevant cases are highlighted. - E Skinner, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
A Level, A2, AQA: LAW03, Criminal Law (Offences against the Person), Case Studies, weaker learners, Learning Grids, Kinaesthetic learners,

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