GCSE Edexcel History Topic Tests

Structured learning – effortless delivery!

Prepare your students for the all-exam-based 2016 GCSE specification with these large banks of topic-by-topic questions. Ideal for identifying gaps in knowledge in class, homework or as revision in time for exams!

Very useful for homework tasks and monitoring student progress. Easy to assess. Accessible to all students. - R Bailey, HoD & Independent Reviewer

Exposes students to the types of questions they could meet in an exam – including source-based questions – from Bayeux Tapestry close-ups for Paper 2 to Nazi propaganda photographs for Paper 3.

  • Engages your class with a range of question formats including mind maps, timeline tasks and match-ups
  • Includes a detailed user-friendly mark scheme for easy marking
  • Provided in both write-on 'practice-exam' and 'question-only' formats
  • PLUS peer-assessment sheets – great for AfL

What do teachers say about this resource? (6187)

'A very good resource which can be used extremely quickly in a lesson to consolidate knowledge... A very useful addition to exam preparation for GCSE History... The versatility of the resources is excellent... The entire specification is covered ensuring students do not miss out on key information... The tests are varied - this ensures that students do not get bored with the tests and can find them interesting and engaging... The tests are not out of the reach of students - they are clearly designed to be a positive boost for the students and designed to ensure that the students are getting a very good grounding in the subject... Any teacher that delivers this specification should purchase this to supplement their existing resources.' D Taborda, Deputy Head and Independent Reviewer

'Covers all the topics listed in the specification using a range of different types of question.' N Stanley, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This is very useful Resource for Learners focusing on testing their memory of key facts and concepts of every section of Paper 2. There is nothing to dislike in this Resource. It goes through the whole on the topic very methodically and in great detail. - N Shepley, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Very pleasing. This is a clear example of questions which do link to the course but are asked in ways to develop the skills of the student – brilliant! The range of questions are excellent – a mixture of simple, factual questions to specific exam skills allows students to get a range of practice of this exam... The variety ensures that all students are getting a rounded skills development. It also has provided in effect a base for further development of resources using the questions as a guide... This is a no brainer – a brilliant variety of important tests to ensure students are clearly gaining their consolidation of knowledge.

D Taborda, Deputy Head & Customer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6406)

'I really liked this resource. It is well designed, very pupil friendly. It covers the entire spec with all relevant knowledge. I thought it was well designed. The questions are accessible but bring out the key knowledge required by students. All key examples and case studies are included and the answer sheets are really helpful... this is my favourite zigzag education resource I have seen so far.' B Armstrong, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Students can test themselves at the end of each relevant topic area in precise knowledge based detail. The questions become progressively harder which allows for every child to be successful with the early questions. The mark schemes are detailed and clear... This is an essential resource for the new exam. – A Stevenson, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

The resource is broadly chronological in nature and takes you on a journey throughout this time period. The author clearly knows what needs to be included in this time period. The whole specification is dealt with and with a good range of tasks. - D Taborda, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

An effective resource for exam technique! There were four different specimen exam papers to use, with mark schemes which effectively locked down the assessments objectives... A range of sources have been consulted to provide a varied, scaffolded resource... I would encourage colleagues to use the resource!

M Green, Customer, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

I liked it. The layout was interesting and the sections were helpful in breaking down large amounts of information. The variation in layouts of the questions makes this a more stimulating resource. Breaking the tests into clear specification sections makes it manageable and less daunting for students, as well as allowing them to focus on particular weak points, or identify those points easily. - K Thomson, Examiner and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6144)

I thought it was an excellent resource. The value is immediately obvious in the content heavy new 9-1 GCSE units. It is varied, accurate, well-pitched and interesting. - B Armstrong, Teacher and Independent reviewer

The value of this resource is in how it covers the entire specification and is broken down into discreet chronological segments. It enhances learning through the mark scheme allowing for self or peer assessment. – A Stevenson, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6188)

This is an excellent resource. Incredibly detailed questioning of the entire topic. The strength of this resources lies in the impressive range of questions provided. There are simple question/answer as well as gap fills, matching up key words and definitions as well as source based questions. This resource best tests the higher level of knowledge needed to achieve the best answers in the exam. The answers provided are incredibly helpful and time saving for the teacher... Very comprehensively covered the specification. Particularly like how each of the quizzes is directly linked to a line of the specification. The number of questions in the quiz clearly demonstrates how the depth of the specification is also covered. Both sections on conflict at home (civil rights) and conflict abroad (Vietnam War) are covered equally well... Excellent resource, very detailed and a huge time saver for teachers. – A Cleary, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

This is a thorough set of topic tests which focus on assessing some of the key details for each of the sections of the spec which have the potential to save teachers a lot of work putting similar tests together. If students were regularly getting high marks in these tests it would indicate a good depth of knowledge and put them in a strong position to succeed in answering the exam questions. The tests therefore provide a good focus for revision as well as a framework for learning the key content. – P Johnson, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6122)

This is an excellent resource for teachers of this course. This fits in very well with the specification and shows a good breadth of what is required.... There is a clear focus on what is expected in each question and the information included is exactly what the students need in order to succeed. In particular, the resource is written in a very pupil-friendly manner which makes it instantaneously ready for use by students. The variety of different tasks ranging in difficulties does make this accessible to all abilities in the class enhancing its educational value further and the focus on the sources and now the own knowledge is important for this topic – the author has done very well. - D Taborda, teacher and Independent Reviewer

I like the detail given in the answer sheets which allow students to self or peer assess the work to a high standard and level of certainty. This would give the students confidence going forward and make them fully aware of the level of work expected from them... I would purchase this test pack as it would benefit the students but it could also serve as data points for students, staff, management and even parents. - A Stevenson, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

It gives the learner an opportunity to reflect on key aspects of each sub-topic and identify areas of weakness that can be revised prior to an exam. The resource matches the new specification well and the division of topics fits the delivery of the unit. - N Ashworth, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (7455)

A great resource. Would be very useful for this topic. Large range of questions - good mix in style. Multiple choice, one word answers, developed answers, and exam style questions to suit a range of students and abilities.... With full coverage of the specification, handy exam questions and really useful mark schemes. I think this would make life a lot easier for teachers in terms of dealing with the new GCSE. – L Hatchard, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6387)

The specification is perfectly reflected and matched to the resource. The key topics are covered and potential users are certainly not being asked questions which are irrelevant to the topic. The author clearly knows what needs to be included in this time period. This is a good idea for a resource which could easily be adapted into a mock paper for the students do under timed conditions or at home. It is an effective way of getting a good consolidation of the knowledge in place after lessons. This resource is completely adaptable. These questions can be put into lessons as starters/plenaries and also can be adapted into projects, homework tasks and fuller exam questions. This is one of its major strengths and makes it a brilliant educational resource. – D Taborda, Teacher and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers say about this resource? (6158)

Matches spec closely with all topics covered

Very useful for homework tasks and monitoring student progress. easy to assess. Accessible to all students. With the new exam being all exam based (no coursework)t’s crucial that students learn the necessary knowledge / content. - R Bailey, Head of History and Independent Reviewer