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Skills on a Page for A Level AQA Geography
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Skills on a Page for A Level AQA Geography

The essential toolkit for applying and revising A Level AQA Geography skills.

GA Awards Highly Commended Ribbon

Update: We are delighted to announce that on 7th April 2016 'Skills on a Page' was awarded a highly commended ribbon at the Geographical Association Annual Conference Publisher's Awards!

Congratulations to our Author, Alistair Logie, who's innovation and creativity has lead to the creation of this fantastic (and now award winning!) resource. More of Alistair's '...On A Page' resources for GCSE Geography can be viewed here.

Excellent... Really concise. Effectively presented. A real winner with students. V Burgess, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

Help sheets and differentiated worksheets to practise and apply. Covers every investigative, graphical, statistical and cartographic skill on the AQA Skills Checklist.

25 help sheets (mix of A3 and A4):

  • Worked examples take students through each skill
  • Beautifully hand-illustrated by an experienced Geography teacher
  • Clear and concise explanations of how, when and why we use each skill, with exam tips and a friendly tone – perfect for revision!

69 worksheets help students apply the skills in a geographical context:

  • Includes 13 exercises on rivers and 8 on population – ideal for the GEOG2 exam
  • Differentiated: Worksheet A applies the skill from scratch; Worksheet B is a partially completed exercise
  • Perfect practice for the exam, and great differentiation too!
  • Answers included

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5912)
"A well designed document with excelent detail and coverage of the geographic skills... The activites were clear and straightforward and nicely linked to a rivers and population example each time... would be useful for revision. Also i would use it during term time as part of our subject support sessions... the little cartoon/skethces make it memorable for visual learners... covers all of the skills on the checklist."– J Baston, Goegraphy Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Excellent resource, clearly written and explained. Good examples and worksheets to reinforce learning. Useful for classroom based activities and independent study, compliments Skills resource already available from Zig Zag. The explanations for each data task is clear and user -friendly. Would have a variety of uses for revision as well as teaching. Much of the skills work is already covered within GCSE maths, however, students need the refresher and practice to apply this for Geography, and by the time they start AS levels have forgotten much of what they learned. This resources allows the student to work at their own pace or cherry pick the areas of weakness... Very well matched, covers both the aspects of the course, maths (graphical, statistical, cartographic) as well as the coursework element.'– P Grinter, Assistant Director of Humanities & Independent Reviewer
'An excellent way to help students revise. Really concise. Effectively presented. A real winner with the students... I really liked that there was a rivers example and a population example and there was a good range of different methods. The worked examples were really helpful too. Having partially completed activities is also good, as students wonít complete a full statistical test / graph etc. in the exam so this helps them get to grips with how to make use of what has already been done for them so they donít make silly mistakes... I loved the skills on the page, it looks like a studentís mind map and the little pictures add to the learning experience. Everything is very user friendly... It provides students with a concise overview of all the different skills. By providing a rivers and population activity for each skill it reinforces the fact that either could be tested in the skills paper.'– V Burgess, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
A Level, AS, A2, Geography, Geographical Skills, Mind Maps

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