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Edexcel Business Course Companion: Theme 1 Marketing & People (endorsed)
Endorsed for Edexcel; 111 photocopiable pages
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Edexcel Business Course Companion: Theme 2 Managing Bus. Activities (endorsed)
89 photocopiable A4 pages
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Edexcel Business Course Companion: Theme 3 Business Decisions & Strategy
96 photocopiable A4 pages
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A Level Edexcel Business Course Companions

Endorsed for Edexcel

Course Companions for Themes 1 and 2 are endorsed for the 2015 A Level Edexcel Business Specification.

Your essential business partner!

Guide your students through the 2015 specification to exam success. With full spec coverage, these comprehensive course notes encourage a thoughtful approach to business and an understanding of the way businesses behave.

Carefully selected and original case studies engage students in analysis of a wide range of business contexts from Poundland to Pandora.
  • Make theory relevant and accessible
  • Perfect exam practice!

Build and Apply Knowledge

  • Student-friendly notes with clear learning objectives to ensure structure and focus
  • Graphs and diagrams illuminate core business concepts – supporting visual learners and developing quantitative skills
  • Questions for every topic to reinforce learning in preparation for exams! Answers included – great in class or as homework
  • Key terms defined throughout, plus a complete glossary

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5853)
"Very comprehensive. The course is new for my centre and therefore the resource was extremely useful to support the planning of the course... Range of activities. Comprehensive text and activities... Good resource to support independent study. Could use resource for whole year to support class notes/activities. Students could each have their own copy and annotate to support their revision and private study."– J Whatford, Head of Business & Economics, Independent Reviewer
"I like the fact that it fully covers all the themes from the specification and is concise as a revision aid for students... it's concise and broken down for the students... I also like that there are end of topic questions for students to assess their learning."– R Brooke, Head of Business & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5854)
"The resource presents the concepts in an easy to follow progression from elementary business terms to more complex economic terms... Through examples is shows how these concepts can be applied and how they relate to business activities. It also shows the relationship between Business and Economics... It uses diagrams and examples to enhance the learning experience is an effective aid to the learning experience... The resource presents key concepts about business and economics while showing how the two topics are interrelated. It shows how business activities are affected by macroeconomic variables."– P Dipnarine
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5855)
'I really liked this resource... well written and clearly structured... it covered all the areas and made great use of examples, particularly numerical examples. I really liked the sections ‘how to get an A grade’ I thought this would help stretch students... I think it is really helpful as a companion for students and gives clear examples for them to follow. It also gets to the point quite quickly and gives students the essence of the theory... good match to the specification, covering all the important theoretical concepts.'– C Richards, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer
Meeting Customer Needs, Market, Marketing Mix and Strategy, Branding and Promotion, Managing People Entrepreneurs and Leaders, raising finance, financial planning, managing finance, resource management, external influences, business objectives and strategy, business growth, decision-making techniques, influences on business decisions, assessing competitiveness, managing change

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