Practice Exercises for Translations Skills in A2 WJEC Spanish (ZigZag Education)

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Practice Exercises for Translations Skills in A2 WJEC Spanish
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Practice Exercises for Translations Skills in A2 WJEC Spanish

Topics covered:

  1. Technology
  2. Pollution
  3. Global warming
  4. Transport
  5. Energy
  6. Nuclear energy
  7. Renewable energies
  8. Conservation
  9. Recycling
  10. Sustainability
  11. The role of the media
  12. Racism
  13. Immigration
  14. Social exclusion and integration
  15. Terrorism
  16. The world of work

64 interesting texts to translate from English to French. The 16 topics follow the A Level WJEC topic list, so you can always find a text to match what students are working on.

Each text is accompanied by a series of 3 grammar exercises using the translation as its base. The teacher can choose from two separate methods:

  1. Use the text-based grammar tasks before translation to familiarise weaker learners with the language needed for the translation
  2. Use once the translation has been completed to give further language practice.

Each text also includes an example full translation broken down into 15 points. These can be used for the teacher's reference or for students to self- or peer-mark.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5843)
'It is of a high standard (ZigZag items always are)! Very well organised with plenty of content to cover both grammar and themes from the course. Excellent for revision or class, or independent learning at home. I was surprised and impressed that there were plenty of grammatical exercises based on the themes, dealing with recurring errors that students make, such as ser/estar, imperfect/preterite tenses. Translations were interesting and relevant. It also saved me time in hunting down stories from Spanish news sites and making exercises!'C Morgan, MFL Teacher and Independent Reviewer
It is a very complete resource which would save lots of time and effort for both students and teachers.I particularly liked the fact that it is not only a translation practice booklet but it goes further as it offers lots of opportunities for students to work on specific aspects of grammar, such as synonims, verb tenses or the passive forms.'J Ermina, MFL Teacher and Examiner and Independent Reviewer
'It is a thoughtful resource where students can engage actively in current sociocultural topics. It helps them enlarge their vocabulary, gain good understanding of grammar and facilitates teaching the process of translation.'V Calderon de la Barca, Proofreader, Writer and Independent Reviewer
'It is what I have been trawling the Internet for for three years! A thorough and well planned resource which meets the needs of a busy teacher. It could answer a lot of A level teachers' calls for help!'S Gibbons, MFL Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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