Jane Eyre Activity Pack for A Level English (ZigZag Education)

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Jane Eyre Activity Pack for A Level English
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Jane Eyre Activity Pack for A Level English

Immerse your students in Charlotte Brontë’s timeless novel with this comprehensive and varied activity pack.

This is one of the best ZigZag resources that I have ever reviewed. An excellent resource with an astonishing variety of activities. C Webb, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Inventive, diverse and appealing activities are arranged by chapter, covering the whole of the text. A mixture of written, visual and dramatic tasks offers something for every group, ranging from individual activities to whole-class games plus extension tasks to challenge your more able students. Choose from over 200 activities – you’ll find something new for every lesson.

  • Tasks are thoughtfully structured and detailed, while also leaving room for further study and discussion
  • Facilitates deeper understanding of the novel by encouraging independent thinking and building analytical confidence
  • References to critical perspectives throughout inspire students to engage with alternative viewpoints

Assessment-focused activities and interim essay prompts, as well as essay-writing guidance and 28 sample exam questions, prepare students to utilise their knowledge in the exam.

Activities include: Close reading · Debate prompts · Hot seating · Research activities · Drawing and storyboarding · Role play · Mini-essays · Discussion points · Games and quizzes · Critical responses · Dramatisation · Thematic exploration · and many more…

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What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5772)
"I really like this resource and I was impressed by the range of secondary material used. This would be very beneficial to students who find critical material for Jane Eyre hard to wade through... With such a clear focus on the examination AOs students would be well prepared to gain the top marks in the exam. The range of activities and sources is perfect for stretching the most able, with the extension activities supporting them, whilst the tasks in the main body of the resource support all students... The resource pushes students to consider all the relevant AOs and to build an understanding of the influences on Bronte when she wrote the novel." - L Creswick, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"This is a fantastic resource - an excellent model of how textual study can be made both very rigorous and very enjoyable... The wide range of activities here is impressive and appeals to all learners and learning styles... The questions here are well thought out, open-ended and ready to use with students... The resource is especially good at promoting analysis, engagement with critical perspectives and context... Would I purchase this resource? Definitely, and I would recommend it to others without question." - F Adi, Head of English and Independent Reviewer
"This is one of the best ZigZag resources that I have ever reviewed. An excellent resource with an astonishing variety of activities... The authorial comments are stimulating and thought provoking, whilst the student-oriented activities are very diverse... The most impressive thing about the resource is the fact that the author quotes from different critical views and invites students to engage with such different viewpoints... Erudite and academically stimulating, as well as providing some fun ways of students learning independently. This resource will definitely enhance learning." - C Webb, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"This resource contains a wealth of varied and engaging activities... It encourages creative, thoughtful responses to the text. The inclusion of a variety of critical views is a particular strength. A variety of research tasks mean that context is covered comprehensively... Enables engagement with the text in different forms... Focused opportunities for independent learning... A vast amount of material, and hugely comprehensive." - P Doorbar, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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