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KS3 Teaching Pack : Geographical Skills
98 photocopiable pages with support files on CD
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KS3 Teaching Pack for Geographical Skills

Skill specific schemes of work designed specifically for the new 2014 Curriculum.

12 Mapping Lessons – 8 ICT Lessons – 5 Fieldwork Lessons

Engaging and well-thought-out schemes, designed around specified skills. Ease your planning and cultivate pupils’ love for Geography!

Simplify your planning, preparation and marking: structured lesson plans, all resources and answers provided. A variety of resources that enables a teacher to cover a full range of geographical skills with nothing more than an atlas, the Internet and the resources within this pack.

  • Varied Activities
  • Clear objectives and learning outcomes
  • Specific lessons targeting mapping, ICT and fieldwork
  • Accessible worksheets with innovative activities to tackle each topic
  • Accompanying PowerPoint presentations and Excel files with guidance on when to use

Lessons can be taught as a complete structured scheme but can also stand-alone, so perhaps more beneficially, can be interspersed among different geographical themes during the key stage.

The final lesson in each set is a summative assessment that can be used to test the skills gained in the previous lessons, if done as a scheme.

Superb - ICT and clear geographical skills that can be included into each unit of study. C Stevenson, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5767)
'Incredibly useful, covering a wide range of skills. I like that it included a wide variety of skills as well as different topics... these activities would help us to embed skills early for our students... I particularly liked that it involved an opportunity to easily complete fieldwork in the local area. The use of ICT skills was particularly useful, especially the wide variety of topics – including some which do not require internet access. These type of activities are fantastic for extension tasks in the classroom as well as being tasks for topic related lessons.'– J English, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'It offers opportunities for independent and group work whilst building on geographical skills in line with the new KS3 NC... I liked the challenges offered on the bottom of worksheets, the step by step help/exemplars offered to students and 'using ICT in geography' - it is a good starting point for GIS... This resource allows for students to hone their geographical skills in the classroom, computer room and field. It also offers opportunities for individual, paired and group work. It will allow students to enhance their learning as it allows them to obtain facts and data whilst applying other skills... This resource offers students an opportunity to develop their map interpretation skills by using scales, grid references and symbols. The use of Google Maps/Earth offers the opportunity to encounter satellite images and begin to use GIS. The fieldwork element allows for fieldwork to be carried out within close proximity of the schools ground... a good resource which could be used alongside current schemes of work to make sure they match the new KS3 NC.'– E Allsopp, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
Superb - ICT and clear geographical skills that can be included into each unit of study. Excellent. Students will be well prepared for CA (even though its finishing soon ish!) and ICT and map skills at KS4. I also think that the direction for the teachers will ensure that students get good value learning even if the teacher is not strong in that skill field e.g. google earth... was pleased how each skill could fit into a different unit. Key ideas were well thought out... I like the teacher introductions and explanations. these were in-depth and easy to follow. A good back ground preparation for teachers of all abilities. Edexcel spread sheets useful and data was good... Ideas as to how to present the information from the field work was also useful... Easy to follow and I like the use of pictures with arrows to direct teachers/students. That is brilliant... Skills should not be taught as a separate topic, they should be embedded throughout the curriculum. This does this. There are lots of ideas for ICT use which could be adapted if you do not have access to computers. – C Stevenson, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
'There were some nice ideas – e.g. The ‘where in the world’ task, which encourages pupils to pick out unique features of a place. Plotting proportional circles/bars on maps is a useful skill to include and ties in with expectations at KS4 for controlled assessment where they are considered a ‘complex’ skills... The tables with instructions in Excel for ICT are a good idea... they cover key skills at this level (maps, OS, data, ICT) very well.'– D Baker, KS3 Geography Coordinator & Independent Reviewer
'Well structured. Easy to follow. useful with only 1 or 2 things to change to use it with a variety of field work topics. Detailed map skills section and very clear ICT section... step-by-step, progressive. great images used and a varity of skills activities. Some activities can be used as full lessons and even suitable for cover lessons - this is a very good point... the visual content provides good prompt that are engaging and makes teaching them enjoyable. The step-by-step lessons makes it suitable for all abilities and year groups. this allows all students to access good levels and achieve... A really good resource that we would recommend to any school/teaching organisation.'– C Cottam, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
'Useful range of activities that could be used as engaging starters.'– A Ali, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

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