An Inspector Calls Weaker Learner Support Pack (ZigZag Education)

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An Inspector Calls Weaker Learner Support Pack
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An Inspector Calls Weaker Learner Support Pack

A beautiful, engaging and accessible resource bringing renewed life into this classic play. P Town, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Aim 1 – Engage weaker learners with the text
Characters speak directly to students to summarise the plot before and after reading the text.

Aim 2 – Support their understanding of key literary aspects
Worksheets with stimulating and well-pitched activities to engage students with main events, all key characters, major themes, form and structural features, and language. Plus a PowerPoint presentation exploring key contextual points.

Aim 3 – Consolidate their knowledge ready for an exam
All activities are cross-referenced to GCSE AOs so that you can choose the right worksheet for your students regardless of exam board. The resources are pitched at those students who like English but find it difficult, and those who are indifferent.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5692)
"A good resource that includes a wide variety of activities which will engage the students. Very clearly set out and accessible for teachers."C Webb, English Teacher
"It’s full of useful ideas that are well structured to support the learning of the less able. It covers a range of activities, from understanding the plot to exploring language and dramatic devices in a way that also provides students with the tools to write about these devices. One way it particularly supports weaker students is that most of the activities are very carefully structured to work students up to being able to write more independently about the play." R Knight, English Teacher
"The resource is comprehensive, varied and tunes in to the specifications and needs of learners. The fact that the resources can be used as stand alone resources/tasks instead of having to follow a scheme of work is a huge bonus. You can dip in and out of the resource dependent on needs, specification and time. It also helps students get to grips with GCSE skills which need to be honed in and developed; analysing texts can be challenging but the writing frames breaks it down to enable it to be accessible by all." L Richards, English Teacher
"A beautiful, engaging and accessible resource bringing renewed life into this classic play. Whether teaching it for the first time or for the fifteenth time, there is something here to pick and teach or to plan more detailed lessons and activities from. Lower ability students will easily be able to gain an understanding of the play, the key characters, the structure and the context. The AO4 research tasks are fantastic, especially using the opening of Titanic to engage the students in contextual ideas." P Town, English Teacher
"Covers everything needed. I won't need to supplement this at all. It's fully classroom-ready and absolutely covers what is needed to help this group of students engage with the play. I can see my class enjoying many of the activities and am looking forward to approaching this text with them far more than I was previously." B Kemp, English Teacher
"The resource is good in the logical and manageable way it breaks down the play. I liked the socio-historical resources. They were engaging and helpfully linked to the key ideas that are relevant when considering the play's meaning." N Martin, English Teacher
"This resource enhances learning by encouraging students to work together for a range of activities. Students will then use their peers for support and it will help promote an effective and safe learning environment. I’m pleased to see that the author of the resource has created the resource worksheets based on the advice from the British Dyslexia Association." K Greaves, English Teacher

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