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GEO4B: Toolkit for Achievement: 5 Steps to Success
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GEO4B: Toolkit for Achievement: 5 Steps to Success

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Provides great assistance for a challenging paper. M Parham, HoD & Independent Reviewer

Practical resources to help students achieve their full potential in this difficult exam. An active, student-centred approach to learning, ideal for GEO4B where spoon-feeding is impossible. The focus on skills and strategies which can be applied to any AIB makes this a valuable resource that you will use again and again.

  • Builds understanding of GEO4B assessment, command words and synoptic skills
  • Templates and strategies to apply to any AIB – every year!
  • Model answers show your students what top answers look like and how to write them

Students develop the core geographical and synoptic skills to succeed in GEO4B – skills that help with GEOG3 too!

‘A good insight into the skills required… The resource is comprehensive and has templates which can be used for preparation [every year]… Enables students to link and think synoptically... to break down the ideas of the AIB and then potentially build upon them... great assistance for a challenging paper.’ – Martin Parham, HoD, Examiner & Independent Reviewer
10 Tools: Command Words; Dissecting the AIB; Photographs and Maps; Using the AIB; Thinking Like A Geographer; Golden Nuggets; Balloon Debate; GEO4B Talent Show; Context is King; Model Answers

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5623)
I particularly liked the format and layout of this toolkit, the 5 steps were easy to follow and helped our students in different ways. I particularly liked the command word matrix grid. I will use it with other classes/year groups. - J English, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Exellent resources, breaks down the logic behind the exam paper into 5 simple sections to make sure that staff understand the easy ways in which to make sure that the students are achieving top marks in this particular exam... Like the different activities which are suggested in the different sections, these are simple activities which could make a big difference overall to the students marks, but also could be made simple and used in other key stages, to engage the student in their learning... This helps the teacher to identify the 5 key things which they need to do to make sure that their student are achieving the best marks possible on this exam. it is easy on this exam just to write everything they have researched about the topic, these 5 steps helps the teacher to get the students focus and think about how this information could possibly be used within an exam environment... The command cards for exam questions can be used with any year group and are a simple but effective technique to use... It clearly references previous exams and using the exam report to highlight concerns or issues which have come out of the exams. It then offers easy to use simple ideas to make sure that your students don't face this pit falls themselves... Yes it would be a really good resource to have in the dept and I would be using ideas and techniques which are in this resource for other year groups."– H Boxley, Head of Year & Independent Reviewer
'Every group of students I have taught when faced with the AIB is at a loss as to where to begin. This helps them break the AIB down and will help them to analyse, understand and hopefully write better examinations... a very useful tool for teachers to help students come to grips with the AIB document... I like the idea of using previous AIB material in order to practice skills. This means that preparation for these skills can begin at the start of the A2 year rather than waiting till the AIB release... I particularly like the analysis aspect of this report, enabling students to view the resource from difference standpoints. Also illustrating in the exam technique guidance how to get the higher level marks... It matches the requirements of the AIB perfectly, really will be an enormous help to teachers to give advice and guidance to their groups. Giving them new tools with which to work... Command word matching – like this idea, something that could be started in the AS year with the basics and extended when they get to A2... How to avoid lifting and the manipulation of stats is an excellent activity. Students with a lower level of English ability will find this particularly useful – and if necessary can then learn and revise their own versions of the text. Manipulation of stats is also great to practice particularly to those who are ‘maths phobic’... To mark using a mark scheme gives students a good insight into what is expected of them in an exam answer... Thlag-ing – I’ve never used this technique – but seeing it applied in this context makes a lot of sense. I think it would help a great deal in analysing the AIB and at a later stage revising the AIB, just before the exam... The critique exercise is something new to me and definitely something I would try. A very useful activity, showing them exactly what they would need to get a particular level.'– P Grinter, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'It is helpful for teachers of all age and experience but will provide a good insight into the skills required for new teachers of GEO4B. The resource is comprehensive and has templates which can be used for preparation across a series of different series. It also provides a range of activities for the preparation enabling them to develop higher level thinking... very detailed and explained the rationale for the resources well... Step 1: using command words... a good idea and gave a good summary (with links to where such commands have appeared on previous exam papers)... The idea of ordering and categorising the ‘ideas’ form the AIB resources is important and enables students to link and think synoptically... Step 2 – good idea to link to how to manage the images – the tasks were effective and helpful for photographs and maps... Step 3 – Thinking synoptically – a great idea with the templates enabling students to simplistically break down the ideas of the AIB and then potentially build upon them. Good definition of synopticity – which is not clear to some centres/students – therefore has application to GEOG3 essay! Step 4 – great advice on Balloon debate – a useful tool for all discussion based activities for both GEOG4b and GEOG3. Useful template to help students organise the debate, nice inclusion of example... Step 5 – Nice idea to improve student performance and understanding of the marking. Look forward to seeing the results... great assistance for a challenging paper.'– M Parham, Head of Department and Examiner; Independent Reviewer
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