Practice Exams for GCSE WJEC Film Studies Paper 2 (ZigZag Education)

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Practice Exams for GCSE WJEC Film Studies Paper 2
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Practice Exams for GCSE WJEC Film Studies Paper 2

3 practice exams for Paper 2: Exploring Film outside Hollywood

Fully prepare your students to succeed in the exam!

  • Varied questions test key language, genre, industry & audience issues
  • Questions are applicable to any of the set films – just like the real exam
  • Original papers in exam style – perfect for mock exams

Everything you need:

  • Write-on papers provided
  • Student-friendly mark schemes – great for AfL!
  • Model answers included for Bend It Like Beckham

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5614)
"A fairly useful tool in the classroom. It would allow teachers of the subject to have a bank of appropriate questions at their disposal and allow students to be able to mark example papers themselves... I particularly liked the column that allowed the students to make judgements on their own performance and reflect on the mark scheme by explaining why they awarded the marks they did... I would say that the way it would enhance learning would be that it is a useful revision tool for students to practise their answers independently. They would then be able to peer or self assess their answers and understand where they need to improve... The questions echo those on the published past papers... I think the resource works well as a bank of suitable revision questions and a exam board style mark scheme."– S Morgans, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
"The qeustions are in the style of WJEC Film Studies Paper two questions and would serve well as mock questions to familiarise the students with style, wording and mark allocation... Marking Schemes - I like that Assessment Objectives are included at top of the page for each question. The marking criteria is consistent with the exam board marking criteria with the key words of ‘basic’, ‘adequate’, ‘good’ and ‘excellent’... The 'How did I do?' table is very useful for the students to see how their marks equate to previous grade boundaries... 'What do I need to do to improve my mark?' is a handy sheet for students to record their targets and when they are achieved."– J Hopkins, Media/English Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Liked the adaptability of the resource (useful for different close study texts)... the use of language is particularly accessible for students tacking GCSE Film... students who have completed the exercises will have a better understanding of how their exam works and how they will be assessed. This is very useful for a GCSE student because they can take their learning from these practice papers into their actual exam... I think this resource matches and interprets the specification well. Firstly, it follows the very specific style and academic level of a WJEC GCSE paper. Secondly, it takes the WJEC Mark Scheme and reproduces it in a way that is very accessible for students for peer-assessment and also self-assessment... I would [purchase this] because of the many opportunities for independent learning within the resource. This is a skill I try to foster in my students and the resource enables this.'– E Amisu, Film Lecturer and Independent Reviewer
'Useful and succinct yet showed enough information without being overwhelming. Useful for C/D borderline pupils especially strong for AfL and enhancing independent learning... allows pupils to become really au fait with what is expected of them - whilst being clearly linked to the assessment objectives throughout... good to run alongside official past papers to allow pupils to understand mark schemes especially in lay men's terms. Allows weaker pupils to build their confidence and to be able to quickly identify what is expected of them.'– C McDonough, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer
'This is a well-presented resource that enables learners to work their way through three sets of past paper style questions. The benefit of the generic 'your close study film' is that the possibility of issues because of change of set films are avoided. Good use of marking scheme go give learners a chance to self-assess and think about the mark scheme in depth.' – D Luckwell, Head of English, Media and Drama, Independent Reviewer

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