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Macbeth A5 Revision Cards for GCSE
A5 and A4 photocopiable master copies of 32 double-sided revision cards
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Macbeth A5 Revision Cards for GCSE

32 double-sided A5 revision cards covering all key aspects of Macbeth for GCSE English Literature. The flexible, bite-size format makes revision manageable and achievable.

Cards cover: ❶ The writer’s language ❷ Form and structure ❸ Key themes, characters and events ❹ Social, historical and cultural context ❺ Key quotations and terms.

And after all that revision, complete their exam preparation with a practice essay questions card!

All provided as photocopy masters in both A5 double-sided and A4 single-sided format.

Side A: Structured revision questions and key learning points – students read the cards and attempt the questions.

Side B: Comprehensive answers consolidate key points and provide digestible chunks of revision material.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5502)
"Great for revision – excellent! The resource is choc-o-block with everything the teacher and student needs to refine and reinforce learning and understanding about this play. This was a truly fantastic resource for teachers teaching Macbeth at GCSE and then working towards preparing pupils for the exam. The greatest strength of the resource is the highly detailed and comprehensive of all the important key aspects of the play, ie themes, symbols, characters, plot, language and its effects and structure etc which are all directly linked the assessment objectives. What I also really liked was the fact that the answers given in response to the key questions asked are very useful summaries and distil important information into digestible and memorable chunks." K McLoughlin, English Teacher
"The resource lives up to its claim that it is suitable for use at GCSE level. I would argue that it could also be profitably used with a high-ability KS3 group. Each card is full of excellent material and includes some higher level, more challenging questions which could be used for extension work in mixed ability groups. One of the main virtues of the resource is its scrupulous attention to the requirements of the specs, and the author has clearly thought these through in great detail. I think these cards will prove to be a valuable resource in many classrooms and do not have to be used exclusively for exam preparation, but can happily be used in plenary during the teaching of a text or in setting up an essay for homework. They have the additional virtue of being highly adaptable for group and collaborative learning." A Stanton, English Teacher
"This resource is flexible and works well for building students up to exam practise. They could be used as a series of lessons towards the end of a SoW, or categorised collections could be used as a stand-alone task within set summary lessons. It covers all areas with minimal effect and organisation, which I feel that many teachers will appreciate. The fact that these cards are double-sided means that students are prepared with key terms and ideas, then encouraged to develop as a separate skill. The information on the reverse of these cards is increasingly complex, guiding students out of their comfort zone and tailoring for MAT students.I like that different learners are targeted - kinaesthetic, visual, group and cognitive/scripted learners could all find a way to make optimum use of these." E Evans, English Teacher
" I recommend it to other teachers and students. An excellent revision guide for GCSE students studying Macbeth as it summarises all the main revision points, but encourages students to think for themselves rather than being ‘spoon-fed.’ Although aimed at GCSE students, it would be suitable for study by students at other Key Stages too. The cards were attractive in appearance and very student-friendly. I liked the range of sections which covered all the main learning areas – characters, scenes, quotations, terms etc. Its language was appropriate and student-friendly and explanations concise and clear. The fact that answers are backed up with relevant quotations from the text is good, as students often find this challenging. Use of the cards in small group situations would be particularly productive as they have the potential to promote discussion." D Massey, English Teacher
"This is a very good resource which can be used by any English department. It explores the text well; MA groups would benefit from this resource especially, and it can be used instantly. The questions are worded clearly which makes the resource accessible for all. There is a good range of tasks within this resource. Some tasks demand detailed explanations from the students and some tasks are quick matching activities. The AO table allows teachers to match work appropriately to their class/students so they can develop their skills. The flash cards are very supportive for students and could easily be used in class, at home or during a cover lesson." K Greaves, English Teacher

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