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OCR Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams)
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OCR Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams)

A comprehensive companion for anyone teaching the new strengthened GCSE OCR English Literature specifications which includes 15 set poems as part of the A664 unseen contemporary poetry element (exams from 2015).

The resource has been designed to help students to become familiar with the skills needed to respond to an unseen poem in an exam by using the following techniques:

  1. Explaining how to approach analysing an unseen poem and what the OCR exam expects
  2. Analysing all set 15 poems in reference to their over-riding heading of ‘Imagery and Language’, ‘Voice and Tone’, and ‘Form and Structure’ in a student-friendly tone and easy-to-follow format with engaging activities
  3. Practice exam questions and responses as exemplars

Imagery and Language
  • Gillian Clarke, My Box
  • Seamus Heaney, Blackberry Picking
  • Sylvia Plath, Mirror
  • Dannie Abse, Imitations
  • Ted Hughes, Wind
Voice and Tone
  • Carol Ann Duffy, Stealing
  • Benjamin Zephaniah, What Stephen Lawrence has Taught Us
  • Elaine Feinstein, Dad
  • Tony Harrison, From Long Distance
  • Douglas Dunn, I am a Cameraman
Form and Structure
  • Wendy Cope, Strugnell’s Sonnets
  • Simon Armitage, Mother Any Distance
  • Stevie Smith, Not Waving but Drowning
  • Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5428)
"An excellent, extremely detailed and well put together resource and an invaluable support for teachers of this specification. Very helpful references to assessment objectives and also a very useful breakdown of what an analytical, imaginative and appropriate response to a poem is. Very illuminating for a teacher and an excellent guide for use with pupils." K McLoughlin, English Teacher
"This was a very good, thoroughly detailed and useful resource. In particular, I liked the way the guide was structured, using specific poems to analyse certain poetic devices and considerations. Further, it is written in a tone that is informed without being “crusty”, while the activities and visual aids also work to engage the student. I believe this guide has demystified the close reading of a poem, and would promote confidence and greater enjoyment of poems in general. Concepts are clearly explained and the glossary at the back of the guide provides a handy reference." B Delbrooke-Jones, Assistant Librarian and English Specialist
"The resource prepares students extremely well for the specification requirements, providing guidance on how to approach the unseen poetry element of the exam. The choice of poems and range of poets is superb. Some of those features I particularly liked include the quotations in the student introduction, the grid activities and the inclusion of online links to the poems and author info. These links to author readings and more innovative representations of the poem such as the animation greatly enhance student interaction with the poems." D Massey, English Teacher

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