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AQA Computer Science 'Technical Topics' Worksheets
52 photocopiable A4 pages plus A5 booklet
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AQA Computer Science 'Technical Topics' Worksheets

  1. Program Flow: Sequence
  2. Program Flow: Selection
  3. Program Flow: Repetition
  4. Handling Data in Algorithms
  5. Trace, Testing & Error Handling
  6. Binary Logic
  7. Denary ↔ Binary
  8. Denary ↔ Hexadecimal
  9. Binary ↔ Hexadecimal
  10. Binary Codes and Characters
  11. Digital Images
  12. Digital Sound
  13. Logical Operators
  14. SQL: Create Tables
  15. SQL: Add & Modify Data
  16. SQL: Extract Data

Fantastic collection of worksheets designed to help students nail the trickier areas of the specification. Provides practice and reinforcement of 16 'technical topics' including program flow control, number systems and SQL queries.

Each worksheet:
  • is cross-referenced to the AQA Computer Science specification
  • includes student-friendly notes and worked examples

  • Full solutions allow quick, easy marking
  • Mark sheet enables students to track their progress/performance
  • Use in class or as homeworks; to support your teaching or for revision

Also provided as an A5 workbook!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5427)
"This is a fantastic resource that would be ideal for GCSE Computer Science. The resource could also be used for end of KS3 where topics are needed in readiness for the GCSE course. This would lead itself due to non-specialists often teaching at KS3, as brief notes are also contained in the resource... Could either be used by subject teachers or left for use in cover lessons. Ideal for refresh knowledge or as a recap after a section has been delivered by the teacher, or for revision... Notes as well as questions and the answers are provided to ensure that questions have been answered correctly." – A Sanders, HoD, Independent Reviewer
"Excellent - good level of all topics for students to work through, good to have the answers as well. A range of topics that challenged and guided students. The level of difficulty is correct for the age and ability of the majority of students in a GCSE course." - D Thompson, Computer Science teacher, independent reviewer
"I like how the resource gives an example/explanation for each new section of the activities. This resource could be set for homework without too much difficulty."
"A good supplement to teaching GCSE Computer Science... I think this would be valuable as a homework booklet, to help supplement learning in the classroom by providing examples which lead to out of class learning." - M Rutherford, Computer Science teacher and Independent Reviewer
"Exercises like this are invaluable for practice... I like the the concept and the separation of questions/answers - could be given to the students as exercises quite easily... " - O  Howson, HoD, Independent Reviewer

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