Animal Farm Gifted and Talented Pack (ZigZag Education)

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Animal Farm Gifted and Talented Pack
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Animal Farm Gifted and Talented Pack

An excellent resource which will stretch and challenge higher ability students as well as G&T students K Greaves, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

The activities demonstrate how to achieve the highest grades possible using aspects of Bloom’s Taxonomy and give students control over their own learning. The resource covers the key areas of the book: important events, characters, context, language, structure, form, themes, ideas and interpretations.

Within each key area, engaging and thought-provoking activities aim to:

  • Prompt the recall of important points, aid comprehension and reinforce clear, advanced understanding
  • Support literal and abstract analyses
  • Enable students to apply their knowledge of the play to a new situation or an unseen extract, encourage individual interpretations and stimulate new, creative and individual ideas

  • Teacher’s notes and answers have been included for the more challenging tasks.

Exam-style activities are also included throughout the resource to help students practise their essay-writing skills by using an annotated response to show the best way of achieving an A*, suitable for any exam board.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5413)
"Engaging and motivating! Students enjoyed the tasks and felt supported throughout. It supports students all the way through the text." K Greaves, English Teacher and Satisfied Customer
"It was excellent and did what it claimed to in the introduction. It really does challenge more able students, preparing them for GCSE whilst introducing skills required for further study at AS and A level. The different types of tasks was useful and the range of tasks varied and extensive. The resource encourages both individual and group tasks and prepares the student for controlled assessment and exams. Most importantly, it makes analysing texts a fun and creative procedure." D Massey, English Teacher
"Excellent - very thorough. Learning is two-fold: students learn about the text itself as well as how to write about any text they happen to be studying.This resource allows students to explore their own ideas about the text without allowing them to go too far off piste. Implicit in the short sample essays are the skills required to actually write about different aspects of a text." N Timmis, English Teacher
"This is an excellent resource which will stretch and challenge HA students as well as G&T students. The resource is engaging for students . There are a wide range of tasks which meet a range of learning styles/needs as well the AOs for three exam boards. This resource is supportive to both teachers and students. It provides excellent exemplars for students and will encourage them to become more independent and confident in their own abilities. A range of resources can be glues into exercise books to allow students to refer back to them in future lessons. This will also encourage them to take more responsibility for their learning and development as they will already have the support required in their exercise books. This resource clearly shows students how to reach their target level or higher. There is a very strong focus on the students becoming much more independent in their learning which benefits them greatly." K Greaves, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer

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