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A Level AQA COMP1 Summer 2014 (Card Predict) Resource Packs

Available for Python, Pascal and VB .NET

Comprehensive resource packs help you and your students tackle the 'Card Predict' COMP1 skeleton code, for use in the June 2014 examination.

  1. Detailed annotation and commentary of the 'Card Predict' skeleton code — clearly describes what the code is doing throughout
  2. Programming theory questions test student's understanding of the code (like Section C of the exam) – provided in both write on and non-write on format
  3. Modification exercises put student's programming skills to the test (like Section D of the exam)

Also includes:
  • Example answers and marking guidance for all theory questions
  • Solutions and mark schemes for all programming tasks
  • Electonic Answer Document (EAD) for students to complete the tasks

Feedback of the 2013 COMP1 Resource Packs
"Excellent... Not only does it suggest possible questions but provides possible solutions... Adds structure to lessons... A definite must-have as it saves a lot of time working through the code finding solutions." P Leighton, HoD (customer, 2013 Pascal edition)
"Excellent set of exercises to get the students really thinking about the code and how to extend the template. Very good solutions given to help the weaker students. Great worksheets for students to take as far as they can, has a full range of work for all abilities... An excellent match to the specification." - D Moore, HoD (customer, 2013 Pascal edition)
"Very comprehensive and well presented... Very useful, students love it. Clear examples, with resources provided on disk... Clear, easy to understand. Can use it straight away without much prep... Allows [studnts] to practice with realistic questions... Matches [the specification] perfectly." - M Lyons, Computing teacher (customer, 2013 VB .NET edition)

Feedback of the 2012 COMP1 Resource Packs
"This is a comprehensive resource that saves a lot of time and hard work for the teacher by giving them a good variety of resources and exercise which in-turn gives them confidence in what they are teaching...It provides a variety of tools and techniques to enhance learning, Providing practical help by way of the programming exercises stretches the students to make them more independent in their thinking so they are not just passive receivers of information. The modification exercises get the students to use higher-order thinking-skills which is exactly the sort of thing they would need to do to achieve the higher marks in the examination. In addition the inclusion of group exercises again allows for peer support with the more able students helping the less able...I would certainly purchase this for my teaching as think it takes a lot of the guess-work out of teaching this unit. It also provides you with resources for teaching and learning which would take many hours to produce if you were to develop them yourself." - A Akuffo-Kelly, HoD, Independent Reviewer
"An excellent resource. The code is clearly annotated, [providing] a perfect example... The analysis and the programming exercises are exactly what [students] need. If they complete all of these and learn the routines that they have created, then they should be in a better position to answer all of the actual questions with some confidence...The questions will be invaluable preparation for the real examination and appear to be written by someone who has experience of and has a feel for the AQA examining style and who is making predictions about possible coding questions with some authority." - J  Fones, Computing Teacher, Independent Reviewer
"An invaluable addition to my armoury in preparing students for the exam in 2012...Very appropriate for sections C and D. Good choices of potential programming tasks, including validation routines...Language similar to AQA questons - good exam practise for students. Well thought out questions in the programming theory section, mimicking Section C. A very useful tool for teachers of COMP1...Being directly related to the assessment coming up, students will be engaged with it. It adds to the list of possible modifications which may be asked in the exam, for students to rehearse. It saves teachers from writing their own material, preserving time for preparation and teaching. It follows the style and layout of the exam, giving invaluable familiarisation to learners. The suggested tasks match very well the level set in past papers by AQA. The questions likewise give opportunities for realistic practise ahead of the exam itself...I hope to see similar each academic year." - R Wood, Computing Teacher, Independent Reviewer

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