Edexcel Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams) (ZigZag Education)

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Edexcel Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams)
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Edexcel Unseen Poetry Teaching Companion (2015 exams)

As a tutor who is new to the Unseen Poetry aspect of the Edexcel specification, I found it invaluable and would definitely buy and recommend it. D Massey, English Tutor & Independent Reviewer
Poets covered:
  1. Robert Frost
  2. Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  3. Seamus Heaney
  4. Maya Angelou
  5. Siegfried Sassoon
  6. DH Lawrence
  7. Margaret Atwood
  8. Thomas Hardy
  9. Charles Causley
  10. Sarojini Naidu
  11. Emily Dickinson
  12. Ted Hughes
  13. John Clare
  14. Edgar Allan Poe
  15. Helen Dunmore

A comprehensive companion for anyone teaching the new GCSE Edexcel English Literature specifications which includes 15 set poets as part of the Unit 2 unseen poetry element (exams from 2015).

The resource covers all set 15 poets in a student-friendly tone and well-structured formatted. For every set poet the resource offers:

  1. Vital information to understand the poet and their poetic style (a brief biography, a list of suggested poems for students to explore, a description of the poets typical style and subject matter)
  2. Activities for students to analyse one poem
  3. A sample response to an exam question to demonstrate how to approach this exam and a practice exam question to complete

Also includes tips for studying poetry, help on meeting the Assessment Objectives and a glossary.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5313)
"This was extremely thorough and gives students a good grounding in technical language, inference AND context. This is excellent for paving the way for students who are actively aiming higher. The fact that these are followed up with another exam question for immediate use means that students are encouraged to attempt their own analysis whilst the model is fresh in their mind - excellent revision. I was also pleased to see that each poet and poem is explored in a different way to allow a range of learner to develop their understanding." Penglais English Department
"Clear, well-structured and informative. This is a good resource that I know would help me approach a unit I do not know that well yet with some confidence. I liked the fact that, for someone who has not taught this before, the requirements of the exam board were made crystal clear. I thought it was very helpful to have a pupil question/ essay model and then one for the pupils to answer as modeling is always a useful learning technique. I also liked the fact that the sample essays varied in terms of quality as this means that pupils will have to evaluate why this is. I also like the range of 'approaches' and 'ways in' that are offered as this means that the learning strategies are varied for pupils." E Kirby, English Teacher
"It is an excellent resource which serves its purpose well. I liked the structure and clean uncluttered layout. I also liked the voice of the author which was perfectly suited to its target audience. It prepares students for the specification requirements, demystifies the exam process and makes the study of poetry more accessible and less threatening. The resource matches the specifications extremely well. as a tutor who is new to the Unseen Poetry aspect of the specification, I found it invaluable and would definitely buy and recommend it. I feel far better prepared to tutor my students, having read the resource." Private English Tutor and Ind. Reviewer

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